The new Nissan Micra has been spotted testing; its styling appears to be influenced by the Sway concept from the 2015 Geneva motor show

Latest spy shots show the Nissan Micra testing on public roads ahead of its anticipated debut later this year.

2017 Nissan Micra unveiled at Paris motor show 

Its styling is radically different from the current Micra, and despite the heavy camouflage, it’s clear to see that it has been heavily influenced by the Sway concept of the 2015 Geneva motor show, as well as the Pulsar hatchback.

2017 Nissan Micra prototype driven 

Previous spy shots showed the Micra in bizarre, extra-thorough cladding which almost entirely shrouded the styling of the car, but left the main shapes and some details visible. Cladding on this new test mule is no less thorough but reveals more design details, like the shape of the head and taillights, as well as V-shaped grille details. 

The more aggressive styling is complemented by a sloping roofline and rear spoiler, as well as an angular rear-end treatment and dramatic design lines down the sides of the car, with the rear handles integrated into the upper section of the rear doors.

The next Micra will be a renewed effort for Nissan’s supermini as it will go on the market around the same time as the next Ford Fiesta. As Nissan returned to the hatchback segment with the Pulsar, it also hopes the new Micra will gain a higher level of acclaim and success than the current-generation model.

Under the Renault-Nissan alliance, 82,000 Micra units are also slated for production at Renault’s factory in Flins, France, which currently builds the Clio and Zoe.

Chief planning officer at Nissan, Phillippe Klein, confirmed Nissan’s ambition to excel in the UK's highly competitive supermini market, saying: “My feeling is that a world car that isn’t suited to local conditions is a problem. We will make sure we are competitive where we want to compete.”


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10 March 2016
It looks like a mini-Pulsar. Probably no bad thing given how nondescript the current Micra is.

10 March 2016
“My feeling is that a world car that isn’t suited to local conditions is a problem. We will make sure we are competitive where we want to compete.”

Perhaps someone needs to tell the bosses at Ford that, after the recent poorly received Focus, Mondeo, Ecosport etc..

10 March 2016
If they had covered the current version in black tape like this it would have counted as a fairly decent revamp.

11 March 2016
I think that, in Europe, they'll struggle to distance this model from the £10k Note, unless they present this as an £8k Aygo competitor.

11 March 2016
Well it does to me anyway, agreed pricing has to be right with the note acting as supermini this should be a city car.

11 March 2016
Surprised, with this being Nissan, that it isn't a crossover in some way. Or maybe that's what all the black cladding is for, go the whole hog and cover the entire car in plastic for the ultimate pseudo-SUV.

11 March 2016
It's not a city car and not a mini mpv. It will not be confused with the Note. Citroen don't seem to have a problem distancing the C3 from the C3 Picasso, likewise Vauxhall with the Corsa and Meriva. Despite what Nissan would have you believe, the proportions of the Note dictate that it competes with the likes of the Jazz, C3 Picasso and Meriva and NOT the Fiesta, Corsa etc. Nissan only spun this marketing nonsense because the current Micra 'world car' was so uncompetitive in the supermini class.

12 March 2016
The jazz is a supermini, Honda's fiesta competitor, and Nissan removed the pixo city car leaving the micra in that position, the micra has always been a small car almost crossing the city/super mini boundaries, with the note and juke being supermini sized it would seem logical to make the micra a city car as Nissan do not compete in this market.

14 March 2016
Best not park this next to them - wrapped in all those bin bags, I fear they'll take it away!

29 March 2016
The lastest pics make it look like an angular version of the Clio


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