Lotus Elise-based supercar revealed - first pictures
1 April 2010

This is the 262mph, 1000bhp Hennessey Venom GT, a supercar based on the Lotus Elise.

Very little of the original Lotus now remains from the bulkhead back, since an entirely new rear subframe assembly is required to slot the V8 and six-speed gearbox into the small car.

The adjustments to the Elise chassis are conducted at a facility in Silverstone, England, ahead of the rest of the work being completed by Hennessey Performance in Texas..

The Venom GT is powered by a twin-turbocharged version of the Corvette LS9 engine. Hennessey will sell the car in three states of tune.

The base model has 725bhp and 741lb ft of torque. Twin-turbocharged motors are being developed, one producing 1000bhp and 900lb ft of twist and another with 1200bhp and 1100lb ft. The engines link to a six-speed Ricardo gearbox with a programmable traction control system.

Specific 0-60mph times haven't been released, but Hennessey says all variants hit 0-60mph in "under three seconds" and the top speed is "over 200mph".

The Venom GT is stopped by 15-inch carbon rotors with six-piston calipers up front and 14-inch carbon rotors with four-pot calipers at the rear.

The Venom GT is expected to run in public for the first time at this year's Goodwood Festival of Speed. Just 10 cars will be built per year. Hennessey says four have already been sold. Every buyer will get a one-day course on how to drive the car.

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29 March 2010

Wow, someone has actually created car even more pointless than a Bugatti Veyron. There is nowhere, not even on a track, where this car's 1000+ hp will make a meaningful difference.

29 March 2010

The real question posed by such a car is whether or not there exists anyone, anywhere with a d*ck so small that they would buy one.

29 March 2010

Remember that thread from last week that asked for everyone to come up with ridiculously macho names for a hypothetical British V8 sports car built in shed? I think we just found the winner...

29 March 2010

Ah, here we are: this company has its eye on my ball and has been listening; all of its cars should do 0-62 in under three seconds, as is now requisite for an hypercar.

This is the potential of words, gang. I think these manufacturers are finally getting to grips with my expectations.

29 March 2010

While it's nice to hear and see cars like this, in the real World where 99% of us live we know these are just pin up dreams, even if we could afford them most of us haven't got the skills to drive them properly anyway plus Porsche showed us the 918, a hybrid no less that shows where we should be focusing our technology, cars like the Venom are a dying breed i think Porsche and other manufacturers are already proving that, aren't they?

Peter Cavellini.

29 March 2010

You're completely right, Peter.

29 March 2010

I think it looks awesome. Its so goddamn mean.

The question of whether it is useable is surely never going to leave it though. It has so much power and torque it will never be able to use its full potential under 100mph (unless it has the greatest traction control system ever devised), and even a stretched Elise, with all the deftness of Lotus' chassis, will surely be unstable at the speeds this power to weight ratio should allow, as it is so small.

Even the 700Bhp one might be too much, but 1200 is just ridiculous.

29 March 2010

I've got to be honest, I don't think this is a good idea at all. 1200bhp in a modified Lotus Elise is just asking for trouble, frankly - even with the modifications to the chassis stated it's still considerably more than the car was conceived to utilise and a V8 engine that size is going to play havoc with the weight distribution. They're going to need some very clever suspension geometry to make it driveable, even with the traction control. At least they're making provisions to teach people how to drive it I suppose, but still...

29 March 2010

This Vernom looks like a Elise converted by Caral. Their "standard conversion" is for the Jaguar AJV8 with compressor. Also around on the net is a video showing UK plates and RHD..... to be shipped to Texas???? Seems to me that Hennassy payed Caral the £12000 conversion price + an Elise and send them engine and gearbox. Got themselves a lot of press milage on the cheap.

29 March 2010

So this is an enlarged over priced Elise and judging from the number plate on the back it's been in development from atleast 2007, so why has it taken so long when they picked a car chassis already available and an engine already available?

But if you're going to pick a car to model off why pick one that looks like an Elise.


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