Currently reading: New Yamaha Neo is Europe-bound electric moped
The new electric moped offers similar performance to a 50cc scooter

Japanese motorbike manufacturer Yamaha has launched its new Neo electric scooter – it's first model offering performance equivalent to a 50cc moped to be offered in the European market.

The brand recently announced it would be offering a suite of new electric models including a new range of electric bikes and an e-moped. 

The Neo is powered by a 50.4V lithium-ion battery that is located below the seat in the centre of the chassis. 

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Weighing 8kg, the battery can deliver a range of 23 miles, and can be removed from the Neo’s body for charging. The portable battery can be plugged into a domestic socket and charged in around eight hours.

5A6qTG3pKmuAWztHn4NOo7The Neo is capable of carrying a second battery, extending the range to 42 miles, although that comes at the expense of the underseat storage space, which otherwise has enough room for a full sized helmet. 

Neo riders will be able to choose from a number of driving modes. STD mode delivers the highest power output of 2.06kW and is designed for general use on normal roads. 

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Dn 6AMgsqrUAz WGFb7viKEco mode is aimed at reducing battery consumption and limits the machine's top speed to 22mph.

In the middle of the handlebars sits an LED screen, which displays the electric scooter's speed and range among other information. Riders can also connect their smartphone to the Neo using the MyRide app, allowing the phone to act as the digital display. 

Dm Bro3YKE78wjrIpeZK9YThe new e-moped features Yamaha’s new Aqua colour, which has been developed to showcase the brands new shift to electric mobility. 

Pricing for the Neo will start from £3005, and it will go on sale in May of this year. 

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Scotbybarron 4 April 2022

Bit of a bargain for a big named brand.

I've recently ordered an e-bike from a German brand called Riese&Muller, and it was considerably more than this moped.

The weight of a single battery at 8kg means that someone could easily take it into the office to charge and end up with a really cheap way to cummute each day.

Anton motorhead 4 April 2022
But 3 grand ones for a moped? If it was half that price I might consider it. Until then I'll stick with my e-bike which has significantly longer range even at full pull from the electric motor - and a little healthy effort from me.
Whynot UK1 3 April 2022

Performance equivalent to a 50cc moped?, I don't think so. You are likely to easly get 100-150 miles a gallon from petrol powered moped.

martin_66 3 April 2022
Whynot UK1 wrote:

Performance equivalent to a 50cc moped?, I don't think so. You are likely to easly get 100-150 miles a gallon from petrol powered moped.

@Whynot UK1

You are getting range and performance mixed up.  How far a vehicle can go and its performance are two completely different things.