Currently reading: Renault prepares to quit F1
Firm to hold extraordinary board meeting to discuss its future in the sport

Renault is holding an extraordinary board meeting today to discuss its future plans in Formula One.

Toyota pulled out of the sport earlier today and although Renault appears to be more committed than the Japanese squad, Toyota’s decision could allow Renault an easy escape route should it wish.

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Renault’s reputation was tarnished earlier in the year after it admitted fixing the result of 2008’s Singapore grand prix. Driver Nelson Piquet agreed with engineer Pat Symonds and team principal Flavio Briatore that he would deliberately crash, and the resulting circumstances allowed his team mate Fernando Alonso to take victory.

It lost title sponsor ING as a result of the scandal, but watch maker TW Steel has been lined up as a replacement next year.

The firm has also signed Robert Kubica as its lead driver for next year to replace Fernando Alonso, who is moving to Ferrari.

Renault is expected to clarify its position in F1 later today.

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val. 5 November 2009

Re: Renault could also quit F1

TegTypeR wrote:

If this does happen, Robert Kubica must feel like he is the unluckiest bloke in F1 at the moment!!

Toyota also wanted Robert Kubica, but lost him to Renault... may be that's why they pulled out of F1. Perhaps Renault won't, hopefully.
VelSatis23 5 November 2009

Re: Renault could also quit F1

Right now, there is no real point in being in Formula One. It is a totally boring event. The rules are a mess, no continuity, it seems every race is a whole new season. I used to love to watch Formula One, the races were spectacular, pilots like Mansell, Senna, Prost, they knew how to race. Then things changed when super hero Schumacher arrived. Totally idiotic rules were inforced, stupid calls from the race commission, man, it all made it worse. Right now, there isn´t much sport happening, more politics than anything else. No exciting technical features on the cars, just plain boring. I wish just everyone just quit, and maybe in 2 years or so, there will be a comeback, with transparent rules, true racing cars and maybe new pilots.

Abunadh 4 November 2009

Re: Renault could also quit F1

Each lost manufacturer makes Bernie's crusade into the Middle East look more and more silly. Wasn't the whole point of it to promote the car brands? Couldn't care less for losing Renault.