Currently reading: Massa 'could make full recovery'
Reports of damage toMassa's eye denied

Felipe Massa's condition is continuing to improve - with the doctors treating him denying earlier reports of eye damage and instead suggesting he could make a full recovery.

Colonel Dr Lajos Zsiros, the chief surgeon of the Hungarian Defence Forces, told a news conference on Monday that the 28-year-old had been woken from sedation on Monday afternoon, and was unlikely to be sedated again.

"In the last 24 hours some major changes have gone through in the condition of Felipe Massa," said Zsiros. "His condition continues to be stable.

"During the CT scan we performed we could ascertain that there was an improvement in his condition. We stopped sedation and after that Felipe Massa became capable of making contact.

"So in the afternoon we stopped the artificial ventilation of Felipe. As we speak he is sleepy, but he gives adequate answers to the questions we ask him, and he can move his arms and legs spontaneously.

"Right now he has no fever, and we have removed the drain tube from his wound. Further improvement of his condition can be expected. During the night we do not plan to do any more interventions on him."

Zsiros denied the earlier reports that Massa had injured his left eye, which led to speculation about his future participation in Formula One.

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