Five-year deal secures Hamilton's number one spot at McLaren
7 January 2008

Formula One sensation Lewis Hamilton has signed a new five-year contract, thought to be worth £70million, which will keep him in the McLaren hot seat until 2012. The 23-year-old’s new deal secures him a serious rise in salary compared to the paltry £355,000 he was paid for his rookie season. Not including personal sponsorship deals, Hamilton is set to bag roughly £13.7million a year between now and 2012. He has previously hinted that he would be prepared to stay with McLaren for his whole career.And you can understand why he moved to Switzerland. Lewis would have been hit with a £28million income tax bill from the UK government, had he stayed in Stevenage.

Will Powell

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7 January 2008

Good luck to him I say.

7 January 2008

The numbers involved are astonishing, but if they are true, they just underline the enormous potential that Mclaren, Mercedes & Vodafone et al see in their protege, and the value he can add to their respective brands.

Many no doubt will poo poo the figures as obscene and excessive, but I believe Lewis has the potential and has already demonstrated many years of sacrifice and commitment to become the greatest ever driver, even dare I say it to acheive plaudits beyond thos attained by Herr Schumacher...! Greatness does by definition deserve the greatest of rewards.

Lets hope that Lewis continues to remain the grounded and very likeable lad that he is as his career with McLaren evolves, and more importantly that they can continue to provide him with the equipment to win many championships.

Good on ya Lewis !

7 January 2008

This should not surprise.

When Colleen (Wayne's Girl) can earn in excess of £13 million (more than Wayne earned in 2007) for being required to front Asda clothing and endorse other mediocre products, our Lewis should be paid this and more for giving up so much of his childhood and teenage years to the sport.

His father should be applauded for supporting Lewis in holding down numerous jobs in order for Lewis to flourish in a sport associated with the rich.

Good luck to them both!

7 January 2008

According to my wife earlier this evenng - I've had my head up my ass for a while.

So the question begs - WHO IS LEWIS HAMILTON?

7 January 2008

I'm going on the record with this.

Hamilton is going to have a hard season - anything less than what he acheived this year will be viewed as failure by a waiting press pack. His team mate is good and with a lower profile than Alonso and a hell of a lot less expectation - HK could be the surprise at MacMerc.

I think Button is going to the be the Brit to watch - no TC and the general opinion in most of the motorsport press is that Button could shine thanks to his driving style.

Hamilton is good though and will bounce back - he's the best thing to happen to British Motorsport since Noel Edmunds bought a Panoz and tried to qualify for Le Mans.

Deal or no deal?

8 January 2008

I can't believe it but we disagree, ahh well, all good things must come to an end.

Jenson Button will not get anywhere until Ross Brawn makes his mark, on the form of last year he has certainly got his work cut out.

Lewis will have another good season and so long as the car holds together should take the title this time round. When all said and done, it was always going to be a tall order to do it in his first season.

8 January 2008

Don't get me wrong - I hope LH wipes the floor with the Ferrari's but I just think he'll struggle to make the same impact that he did this year - perhaps that is natural though.

I still think JB is worth having a punt on to win a few towards the end of the season. Silverstone will be interesting - the Lewis groupie's will be out in force.

Should be amazing.

My nine year old girl really wants to go - I may have to take one for the team and take her to the 4 day beer fest that is a GP weekend at Silverstone.

8 January 2008

You cannot deprive her of going to a motor racing event, we need more women interested in motor sport.

She will be forever grateful to you. ahhh

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