New Ferrari race car begins testing; speculation suggests it could be a frontline Le Mans racer
Jim Holder
10 January 2014

These spy pictures are reported to show a new Ferrari race car, with speculation suggesting it could be a prototype for anything from a new LaFerrari hypercar-based racer to a full blown LMP1 Le Mans racer.

The car, which was testing at Fiorano for the second time in the past month, is reported by witnesses to be powered by a race-bred engine. The fixed rear wing and roof scoop are also typical of a race car.

Last month Ferrari president Luca Di Montezemolo told he was mulling a sports car racing programme:  "We are working on some technology innovation that we are testing at the moment, so this is the first time in which, theoretically, there could be the possibility of thinking about Le Mans. There have been a few weeks where I have begun to think of the possibility, if the rules go in the right direction that I expect, maybe to do sooner or later Le Mans with a Ferrari car to win."

While the majority of speculation has focused on the liklihood of Ferrari returning to topline LMP1 Le Mans racing, it is also possible that it is preparing a race version of the LaFerrari road car. Although the test mule is reported to be wider than the road car and feature a revised rear end and diffuser, it has previously been speculated that a race-bred version of LaFerrari was potentially possible.

In addition, the McLaren P1 was designed to meet all current race regulations, raising the possibility that the F1 giants could go head-to-head in a new category of sports car racing. However, a McLaren spokesman has denied that such a car is in its current plans.

Speculation that the car testing was a development version of a LaFerrari FXX are said to be wide of the mark, since cars within the programme usually feature active aerodynamics. The roof scoop would also be an unusual feature for a road car.

Reports that Ferrari is using the car to put mileage on its new 2014 F1 V6 are also said to be incorrect, as this would break the sport's regulations.

Ferrari declined to comment.


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10 January 2014
as the article says, let's have these lining up against LMP1 versions of the McLaren P1 and the Porsche 918 too....

10 January 2014
I've heard it speculated on other sites that this is the F1 engine being tested and given the extra cooling on the rear of the car it doesn't seem that far removed. Interesting that this article states that would be illegal.

So it makes me wonder if Ferrari have figured a way around the regulations to allow them to test? Perhaps minor changes to certain parts to make the engine "unique" but essentially the same?

10 January 2014 could be Maserati's next hypercar........?

"Why is not getting more media attention? It could be the future... Now!"

10 January 2014
Remember the FXX?,a car that never saw a public road,was sold only to the invited,purely a developement car programme on the cheap,this might be also.........?

Peter Cavellini.

10 January 2014
These pictures and news have been discussed for more than 1 week already so Autocar is late as usual lately ;)
The pictures are from Mugello and not Fiorano although the first time Ferrari did these tests they were at Fiorano. They realized that the car was undriveable so they made a lot of changes including the air scoop and huge rear wing and took it to Mugello.

The chassis has NOTHING to do with LeMans but this is simply a way of seeing if Ferrari current know how could be used at LeMans if they decided to go back in 2015 or 2016.
The car has the V8 turbo engine that will feature in the new California and 458 replacement....fitted with the F1 KERS and ERS.

10 January 2014
The various stories I've read about this suggest that it's either Maserati's LaFerrari-based replacement for the MC12, a FXX take on the LaFerrari, a racing spec version of the LaFerrari to compete in a GT racing series or a mechanical test bed for a LMP1 class sports-prototype featuring the 1.6 turbo F1 engine coupled with a different hybrid system to their F1 car. Personally, I hope it's the last one as I'd love to see Ferrari return to the top level of sportscar racing and with a factory effort too. It'd be what the sport needs and it'd further heighten interest in the WEC and hopefully return sportcar racing to the glory days of the 1970s and 1980s.

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