Currently reading: Ferrari to get Alonso in 2010
Two-time Formula One world champion is expected to sign for Ferrari this week

Ferrari is set to confirm Fernando Alonso as one of its drivers for next season at this weekend’s Japanese grand prix.

The two-time Formula One world champion has been hotly tipped to join Ferrari from Renault and the deal is now all but confirmed according to Maranello boss Stefano Domenicali.

He said: “I think that as soon as we are ready we will let you know. We don't want to wait too long."

Kimi Raikkonen's lawyers are finalising a deal with Ferrari to release the 2007 world champion from his contract a year early and Alonso is expected to be confirmed when this deal is announced.

Renault's stand-in managing director Jean-Francois Caubet said it would be sad to see the Spaniard leave having won the title twice with the French team in 2005 and 2006.

"I think Fernando will miss Renault and Renault will miss Fernando,” he said. Renault is expected to confirm Robert Kubica when Alonso’s move to Ferrari goes through.

Meanwhile, Domenicali hasn’t completely ruled out Brazilian Felipe Massa making an unexpected return to action this year.

When asked if Massa had a chance of racing this year, he said: “It is too early to say that. We need to see it step-by-step, and we don't have to anticipate anything.

"He will be back 100 percent but there is no need to anticipate anything if there is something that is not ready.

"I don't want to exclude anything, but we need to be cautious."

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The Colonel 30 September 2009

Re: Ferrari to get Alonso in 2010

blasos1983 wrote:
That hasn't been proven true. Where is the evidence that he "then threatened Ron Dennis about it"? That is unproven.

Blasos, as Symanski has explained, it did happen, it's even in evidence. Don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem with Fernando Alonso and happen to think he is the best current driver, and believe his arrival at Ferrari is long overdue (he should have gone in after Michael Schumacher), but I'm not wearing rose-tinted blinkers when it comes to his involvement in the McLaren-Ferrari spat.

Symanski 30 September 2009

Re: Ferrari to get Alonso in 2010

Colonel Snappy wrote:
But in 2006 the Ferrari was the pace-setter, and Alonso still beat Schumacher to the title.

Renault had a better start to the season, Schumi a nightmare start! Even Fisi won a race - but Ferrari came back stronger towards the end, but unfortunately it was too late.

Renault had the better car that year. Wasn't that also the year where the Ferrari engine needed reworked for reliability?

Symanski 30 September 2009

Re: Ferrari to get Alonso in 2010

plumiestparts wrote:
Alonso sulked, plotted and attempted blackmail when he realised that he wasn't going to get the treatment he got at Renault in terms of his team mates performance and No1 status within the team.

That's exactly what he did. Unfortunately Ron Dennis didn't get any respect from Max Mosley for telling the truth, as he believed it was at the time. It was a few individuals including Alonso who cost McLaren $1,000,000.

plumiestparts wrote:
...made Alonso look rather ordinary..... and there has been no chance to gauge whether that continues to be the case

Apparently Alonso insisted upon having a weak team mate in Piquet, and even then need him to crash to gain a victory! I'm not saying that Alonso is a bad driver, just not that special either. Above average.