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Tyre supplier to quit the sport at the end of 2010

Formula One’s sole tyre supplier Bridgestone has announced it will pull out for the sport at the end of 2010.

The firm confirmed it would not be extending its contract beyond that date yesterday, although it will continue to supply tyres for the GP2 series and MotoGP.

Bridgestone has been in F1 since 1997 and has won 156 of the 223 grand prix it entered. It has been the sole supplier since the beginning of 2007 when Michelin pulled out of the sport.

Bridgestone Motorsport director Hiroshi Yasukawa said in a statement: "The decision made by the board of directors comes after considerable and lengthy evaluations and has been based on the company's need to redirect its resources towards further intensive development of innovative technologies.

“Our sincere appreciation is extended to Bernie Ecclestone and Formula One Management, the Formula 1 teams with whom it has been an honour to work alongside and the many F1 fans who have followed our activities over the past 13 years.”

Bridgestone will continue to be the sport’s sole supplier for the 2010 season.

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ronmcdonald 3 November 2009

Re: Bridgestone pulls out of F1

Well with China's dominance in the car industry at present, could it be possible we'll see Ferrari's running on Linglong's in 2011?

Soshko 3 November 2009

Re: Bridgestone pulls out of F1

So it's hovercar racing after 2010!

TegTypeR 3 November 2009

Re: Bridgestone pulls out of F1

Broom Broom wrote:
I'd like to see Dunlop in the sport, as I've always liked their tennis racquets, but with relations soured between Formula One and Michelin, it seems most likely that Pirelli and Goodyear will be encouraged back into Grand Prix racing.

Unfortunately I fear the next supplier will be appointed on the quality of its money and commitment, rather than it's technical prowess. With the way the rest of F1 is going (heading East), I wouldn't be surprised if we see a tyre manufacturer from that part of the world too.