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Briton emerges the victor in Russia and goes top of the championship table

Lewis Hamilton has further secured his status as the most successful Formula 1 driver with his 100th victory in the Russian Grand Prix, ahead of his title rival Max Verstappen and the Ferrari of Carlos Sainz.

Statistically, it moves him even further beyond every other F1 driver as he chases what would be a record-breaking eighth world title. Michael Schumacher is the next most successful with 91 wins, and then it’s a huge gap back to Sebastian Vettel on 53.

It’s the latest in a long line of record-breaking achievements for Hamilton, as he also notched up his 100th pole position earlier this year. One of the few not currently held by the Briton is most races with a single constructor (in his case with Mercedes-AMG), but he will pass that this season, assuming no more Covid-19-related disruptions.

It comes after a topsy-turvy weekend where a wet qualifying session meant a mixed grid and a maiden pole position for McLaren’s Lando Norris, ahead of Sainz and George Russell in his Williams. Hamilton lined up fourth.

Norris might have sealed his first ever F1 victory after a stunning race that he largely controlled from the front after passing Sainz 13 laps in, but a late rain shower caught him out. While others around him changed for intermediates, including Hamilton and Verstappen, the young Briton opted to stay on slicks. It proved an agonising decision, as the rain increased in intensity and he was powerless to stop Hamilton sweeping past for the win. Norris eventually ended up seventh - not the reward his performance deserved.

Hamilton’s title rival Verstappen was one of the first to pit for intermediates – a crucial decision, as it allowed him to vault from seventh to second. As a result, he leaves Russia with only a two-point deficit to Hamilton in the championship standings, despite having started from the back of the grid, due to an engine-change penalty.

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sabre 27 September 2021

"The most successful Formula one driver is an understatement. Hamilton is the GOAT. People say that he has had better cars than the former GOAT, since people comfort themselves artificially. Hamilton is a symbol of decency and honesty, not only in comparison to the others, but also absolutely. The rain actually didn't help him, since he would have overtaken Norris in the dry due to his faster pace, and then Verstappen stayed lower. Still, it is great to have such an interesting season. 

si73 27 September 2021
I don't know about shocking.
I was gutted for Lando, had the rain not intensified then his call would have been a good one, Lewis also wanted to stay out, but unlike Lando, it appeared he was categorically told to come in and that the weather would worsen.
Both Lewis and Max were lucky with the weather, as I don't think Lewis would have passed Lando and Max would have ended up around 6th/7th, which is still impressive considering he started at the rear.
@Peter Cavellini, Senna/Prost will always get referenced because there are only two title protagonists, they were frequently referenced when Nico beat Lewis, if it was a 3 or 4 way battle, the reference would be redundant.
Peter Cavellini 26 September 2021

@BlahBlah43, Verstappen finished second, only because of the last Lap and half it pissed down with rain, Norris let his emotions get the better of him while Hamilton ( I'm always going to call him that, or use Lewis) made the experience choice of going in for Wellies!, the media keep referencing Senna/ Prost ,the epic battle, season they had, well, this isn't quite the same, I'm not saying I don't enjoy this season, it's just the Bulldog mentality of supporting our Countrymen and being polite and saying something about whoever is in contention, it showed up with a home country player who was expected to lose who actually went the whole way and won!( Fred Perrry) . I think Norris will win a race this year, and this is the first season where there viable opposition to the Mercedes team, and, Verstappen had an engine change, which he should have done earlier in the season, yes, they were lucky how the race and weather went, that's sport for you.