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Venturi, the company behind the Formula E team of the same name, has set a new world land speed record in its 3000bhp electric car

A new land speed record has been set by Venturi, the company behind the Formula E team of the same name. 

Using an electric speed record car with 3000bhp, the team took the record with a top speed of 341mph. 

The record hasn't yet been confirmed by FIA, but the car reached a top speed of 358mph, breaking another record. 

Due to bad weather for the last three years at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, where the record was broken, the car has been waiting to break the record since 2013. 

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Venturi claims that the VBB-3, which stands for Venturi Buckeye Bullet, is the most powerful electric vehicle in the world. It set a previous record of the same type in VBB-2.5 guise in 2010. 

The record attempts marked a collaboration between Venturi and The Ohio State Center for Automotive Research, of which one of its professional drivers, Roger Schroer, took the wheel. 

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"I each time enjoyed driving the car and achieving this performance. But at those speeds you have to focus on your task not on your emotions. I know we can go further. This week the track was good. No main vehicle instability. Much better than the last days during tuning and testing. We always have to be patient and wait for the track to be ready."

The record comes soon after Honda recorded the fastest speed ever travelled in one of its cars, with the 660cc, three-cylinder-engined S Dream Streamliner. The record was attempted on the same salt flats where the Venturi broke its record. 

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275not599 24 September 2016

Not impressed

Well, the wheel-driven Goldenrod, with 4 Chrysler hemis and only 2400bhp, did 409mph in 1965, so why is the Venturi so slow? Weight? Can't believe it's drag.