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An Alfa Romeo Formula 1 return has been hinted at by Fiat Chrysler and Ferrari boss Sergio Marchionne

Alfa Romeo is considering a Formula 1 comeback, according to Fiat Chrysler and Ferrari boss Sergio Marchionne, who has suggested a partnership with Ferrari for the brand’s motorsport reboot.

Marchionne suggested the brand’s sporting image would be bolstered by a Formula 1 return. “In order to re-establish itself as a sport brand, Alfa Romeo can and must consider the possibility of a return to race in Formula 1,” he said.

The possibility of an F1 return comes soon after news that Alfa Romeo is to delay its model offensive, originally planned for completion in 2018, until 2020, as well as Ferrari’s new independence from Fiat Chrysler as a brand.

Speaking to Gazzetta dello Sport, Marchionne revealed that Alfa Romeo would only use Ferrari engines, and “is able to make itself a chassis, and is able to make engines”, adding that a Ferrari-Alfa partnership would be “a classic example of a model to follow”.

The move would be unlike Aston Martin’s proposed move to Formula 1, which was more of a branding proposition, or a Red Bull-Ferrari partnership.

Marchionne said: “You couldn’t imagine a Red Bull brand associated with Ferrari… I say this because they criticise me for not giving them our engine; we either want them in or out."

Marchionne also dismissed suggestions of an Alfa Romeo Le Mans entry, saying: “In the end, this sport [Formula 1] must be saved… I would really like to have it [Alfa] in Formula 1.”


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Daniel Joseph 16 February 2016


Mad, nutty, unhinged, delusional, crazy, demented...poor Alfa Romeo.
595 16 February 2016

Yes but...

They would never come anywhere or be taken seriously as the quality of some the interior plastics will not be a good as the Mclaren Mercedes.
Cobnapint 16 February 2016

One thing you CAN'T knock Sergio for....

is his brilliant sense of humour. Who knew, eh...? Look out for him on 'Live at the Apollo'.....