Currently reading: Jaguar F-Type GT4 revealed ahead of 2018 British GT race season
Jaguar returns to series for first time since 2007; Invictus Games Racing will run the cars
Sam Sheehan
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17 March 2017

Two Jaguar F-Type Coupé GT4 racing models will race in this year's British GT Championship under the control of Invictus Games Racing.

The team said its cars, which were developed by Jaguar's Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) division, will be driven by a "select group of wounded, injured and sick (WIS) veterans of the British Armed Forces" who were selected with input from charity Mission Motorsport, which itself has provided several injured service men and women with motorsport opportunities.

Superdry co-founder James Holder commissioned the build of the new F-Type GT4s via his Invictus Games Foundation. Holder, who has raced in British GT himself, said Invictus Games Racing "will enable ex-servicemen and women who have experienced physical or psychological trauma during service to compete against each other and the rest of the top-level racing field, in cars that are tailor-made for them".

The new car is based on the all-wheel drive F-Type SVR but has been converted to rear-wheel drive, as per the series' regulations. It uses Jaguar's supercharged 5.0-litre V8, which is good for 567bhp in road trim but likely to drop some horses when competition restrictors (there to even out performance across the field) are added.

The F-Type GT4 will make its competition debut at the the season’s British GT Championship opener at Oulton Park on April 2. 

The 2018 GT4s are the first GT competition cars to be created at SVO's Browns Lane plant in Coventry since the Le Mans-winning C-type and D-type models of the 1950s, although Jaguar GT racers have competed in the British GT as recently as 2007.

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18 March 2017
Given the embarrassment that is formula E and the compounded error that is Panasonic Jaguar Racing. It would be great to see a Jaguar return to form with sports car racing based upon something a customer can aspire to driving on the street. I know everyone is going electric and SUVs will cover the earth but coming last in a lets pretend racing series is a commercial disaster on a scale not seen in the UK since 2016 and Sir Philip Green's BHS. Lets win some races and sell some cars that owners can be excited to drive.

18 March 2017
1stdarkhorse ur so ignorant that ur funny. Formula E has the largest number of factory participants compared to any other form of motorsports. Jag finished 13/20 in only their 3rd race! Formula E is the future of racing

12 January 2018

You couldnt be more wrong shortbread. Where's the fun in watching electricity go round a track? Basically a circuit board with a bit of noise. Formula E is a waste of time

19 March 2017
Long live the past !

19 March 2017
More people may become interested in Formula E when drivers do not have to swap cars halfway through a race. Jaguar shouldn't just limit themselves in to racing electric cars.

11 January 2018

SUV racing.........

11 January 2018

If we're going for it.

11 January 2018

For putting his money into this wonderful scheme.

11 January 2018

That's a great idea Andy1960! With SUV's being the biggest growing sector (USA at least) then why not have an SUV racing series? More people buy and drive them than will ever experience Cayman GT4's or this late entry from Jaguar. A modern day BTCC?

12 January 2018

Given how popular SUV's are and given their USP is supposed to be varying levels of "All Terrain" capability, I don't understand why the WRC is focused on small Hatchbacks that bear no realtion to road models anymore when a pumped up small to medium SUV would seem to be the perfect "cross over " for events that "cross over". Or is that too simple a view? 


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