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Danish firm behind the ST1 is working on three new models

Danish supercar manufacturer Zenvo Automotive is planning to launch three new supercars after its ST1.

The Zenvo ST1 is the firm’s first supercar and it will be producing just 15 units of the 850,000 euro (£770,000), 1104bhp machine.

New 1100bhp supercar for the UKSee the hi-res pics of the Zenvo ST1

When contacted by Autocar, a Zenvo source said the firm would be working on a smaller, cheaper supercar, which is currently going under extensive development and would be available within the next three years. It will be a completely new design under the skin, although the ST1's design language will carry over.

Although no other details were revealed, cost saving features could include the removal of more expensive items such as the carbonfibre body panels, while the engine is likely to be detuned.

The source also said the company was working on two new supercars, which are likely to be based on the ST1. These models are not scheduled to be launched before the cheaper ST1, but it is probable they will be even more powerful and expensive than the ST1. They will both use the same 7.0-litre engine found in the ST1.

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Peter Cavellini 12 November 2009

Re: Zenvo plans three new supercars

As with the Arash,who?,what?,where?,there comes a time, a tipping point where enough is enough and i think we've gone a little bit passed it,these kind of cars came along every few years whereas now we seem to get one every month, isn't it about time that these well backed company's looked at the eco-alternative for petrol/diesel powered cars, after all range isn't the problem(most supercars don't get driven far)their owned by mega rich people so money isn't a problem, no, what the problem is the fact of changing power petrol too electric propulsion it just feels odd to be doing say 100mph and there's no noise!.