Burning tyres, 114mph in third gear and a rusting Fiat. What more could an enthusiast want?
11 May 2007

Performance is the focus on MyAutocar this week.

Chris Harris has driven the new Porsche 911 GT3 RS on British roads, and can't help wondering whether 114mph in third gear is too much for our broken tarmac.

What do you think? And if a Porsche GT3 RS is too much, does that mean that a Noble M400 and an Ariel Atom Supercharged are too? Are the performance cars of today increasing speed and dynamics too quickly for our road network to keep up, and if so what should we do about it?

Or perhaps you don't think it is unnecessary performance, and that it's purely the driver's responsibility to react with consideration to road conditions. Click here to join the debate and make your opinion count.

Meanwhile, Richard Bremner's been pining for a Fiat 128 Sport Coupe, but can't find any in the country. Would you risk owning one of Fiat's notoriously rusty sporting coupes? You might be surprised how many have and would, so click here to find out.

Finally, the Silencer is having his say in no uncertain terms. Is Land Rover doing the right thing by creating a small car and charging the same as a Freelander? Or is it industrial suicide?

And our fearless guru has finally answered the burning question that every enthusiast wants to know. How many tyres do the Autocar road testers get through in a week, and who pays for them? Click here to find out this and more.


Our Verdict

Porsche 911

A sublime all-purpose sports car that few others can match for its combination of power, handling prowess and interior refinement

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