Our man drives an icy Silverstone in a real, 800bhp F1 car
31 January 2008

There are three routes into a Formula 1 car for most people: be very quick, very lucky or very rich. However, thanks to Cars International Kensington, there’s now a fourth – and you’ve only got to be pretty rich to qualify. It’s called PF1, our man Chris Harris has tried it out, and you can watch his video reports on it by clicking the links below.PF1 is a scheme that offers anyone with the cash the chance to buy their own post-year-2000 Formula 1 car. The company will maintain it for you, and bring it to several track events every year. Membership of the scheme costs £2500, and running costs are likely to be around £40,000 a year. Oh, and you’ll have to buy your own car, and that’ll set you back between £300,000 and £400,000. However, even those prices, Cars International reckon, open the scheme up to ‘wealthy as well as the super-rich’.Chris Harris got two goes in a Jaguar R5 F1 car maintained in the PF1 programme at an icy Silverstone circuit last month, and he also got an indepth chat with F1 legend Martin Brundle while he was there. And the resulting videos are essential viewing for anyone who’s ever wondered if they could do what F1 drivers do 19 weekends a year.Chris Harris drives an F1 car: the build-upChris Harris drives an F1 car: the actionChris Harris drives an F1 car: Brundle debriefs

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31 January 2008

Buy a Veyron for a million, an SLR for 370k or a F1 car for 350 thousand plus 40k running costs......mmmmmm think that's a no brainer to be honest.Wouldn't suprise me if it cost more than 40K a year to maintain the Merc and Bugatti.

1 February 2008

I'd take the SLR and have it as my daily runabout, with a £40k fuel kitty...

1 February 2008

If you have that much money burning holes in your pocket why not go for all three?

For me though, the Veyron.

2 February 2008

Having watched the films and Hamster's ham-fisted efforts on TG there is no way I could contemplate the PF1 thing. I'm just too old, too slow, with too much beer and too many fags in my history to do anything other than make a complete arse of myself.

It's good to watch somebody who actually has some talent behind the wheel and bloody brilliant to see the real F1 drivers every other Sunday during the summer. I have enormous respect for Harris having seen what he could do and watched him confess that he just didn't have a clue. It must have been a humbling experience for him. And to get that praise from Martin Brundle as well.

If it were my £350,000, I'd spend it on a Caterham, a FF and lots of driver training.

3 February 2008

My respect for Harris is massive after that, brilliant. Just shows that when we sya oh he's 20th so he's shit, he as good as the rest, it's just the car that's shit, and even thats not true. Harris drove what was a Jaguar 2002 f1 car, which at that time was middish to bottom of the field. Not a lot of difference between front and back of the grid.

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