Currently reading: US state creates lane hogging law
Kansas introduces 'Right Lane Law'

A new law has been introduced in the US state of Kansas banning motorists from hogging the fast lane.

It is now illegal to use the far left lane of multi-lane highways except when passing, turning left, or when instructed to by police officers.

Tailgating is UK's biggest menace

The so-called Right Lane Law was introduced last month and it is thought other states could follow.

The law is designed to prevent motorists from performing risky manoeuvres and will help reduce road rage, says Trooper Mark Engholm of the Kansas Highway Patrol.

Recently Autocar launched a campaign to improve driving standards in the UK, including teaching better lane discipline.

A survey of more than 14,500 motorists released as part of the campaign found that tailgating is the habit that most annoys drivers in the UK.

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jelly7961 27 August 2009

Re: US state creates lane hogging law

This has been the law in Australia for at least twenty years and I can tell you it makes absolutely no difference and I have never observed anyone stopped/fined for breaking this 'law'. You still get people clearly saying to themselves 'well I am doing the speed limit and if you want to pass me then you must be speeding and therefore it is my place to stop you'.....

Nothing like the other place that we live - Italy - although that is changing too. I remember driving north from Milan and going perhaps just a bit too fast (180 km/h) when i Carabinieri come belting down the fast lane (I had already moved over of course being an excellent driver LOL) They stopped a Belgian registered Mondeo in the fast lane but not overtaking...

Lanciaman 21 August 2009

Re: US state creates lane hogging law

I always understood that it was normal to pass on either side on American freeways, so how can you hog the `fast` lane if there isn`t one?

Ian Bryan 21 August 2009

Re: US state creates lane hogging law

The reason some people in the UK get the impression that tailgating is the biggest menace is because they are the ones actually lane hogging.

On multilane highways, ALL the outer lanes are only meant for overtaking in the UK. There is no such thing as a ‘fast lane’

Under new Police powers it is proposed that they will be able to issue on the spot fines and point for careless driving – lane hogging is already classed as careless driving in the UK. They only choose to ignore at the moment as it means going to court. The change in the way law is administered means that the more on the spot fines and a better clear up rate for the Police. Just think, it is the police that deicide who’s guilty!