Three-star result for Urban Cruiser sparks protest from Toyota
25 November 2009

Toyota is disputing the test methods of safety organisation Euro NCAP after the Urban Cruiser was given a disappointing three-star rating.

The Toyota Urban Cruiser was particularly criticised by Euro NCAP for its Adult Occupant Protection capabilities, for which it scored just 58 per cent.

See Toyota Urban Cruiser crash test pictures

Dr Michiel van Ratingen, Euro NCAP's secretary general said, "The result from Toyota is disappointing. Consumers should always check when looking to buy new car and not make presumptions about a vehicle's safety performance due to the brand it carries."

However, Toyota is disputing Euro NCAP's test methods. A spokesman said, "Toyota gives priority to building cars that are as safe as possible.

"In 2009, we received a five-star rating for all three new cars that were evaluated by Euro NCAP (iQ, Avensis and Prius).

"We are therefore very surprised that the Urban Cruiser received only a three-star rating from Euro NCAP. As with any other Toyota vehicle, we had submitted the Urban Cruiser to rigorous in-house tests, which indicated that it would secure a five-star rating.

"We are currently investigating the Euro NCAP result in detail, in order to understand why there is a difference between our Toyota assessment and Euro NCAP's rating.

"Together with other car makers, we are also discussing with Euro NCAP certain aspects of their evaluation methodology, which might also explain why the rating is lower than we expected.

"The three-star rating for the Urban Cruiser has been triggered by the "pole side impact" test. During this assessment, the dummy head area deceleration slightly exceeded the demand value of Euro NCAP.

"There is a difference of opinion between us and Euro NCAP on a technical matter, namely peak acceleration of the head area in the Pole Side Impact test.

"Our in-house tests, which are designed to meet the highest safety requirements, indicated that the protection provided by the head curtain airbag would be in line with a five-star Euro NCAP rating.

"Once again, we remain fully convinced that Urban Cruiser is a safe car."

Euro NCAP released results for 10 cars in total. The results were:

BMW X1 – Five starsChevrolet Cruze – Five starsChevrolet Spark – Four starsCitroen DS – Five starsInfiniti FX – Five starsMazda 3 – Five starsMercedes-Benz E-Class – Five starsVauxhall Astra – Five starsPeugeot 5008 – Five starsToyota Urban Cruiser – Three starsVolkswagen Scirocco – Five stars

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Toyota Urban Cruiser 2009-2012

The Toyota Urban Cruiser is a slightly odd city car that's dull to drive, despite some good engines and a funky exterior

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25 November 2009

how the mighty Jap has fallen. 6 million + units safety recalled due to floormats/sticking throttle pedals, rusting Tundra pickup trucks, various other litigations and class action suits in the United States on faullty/dangerous products and now this piece of excrement. what happened to 'the machine that changed the world(1989)', prohesied by thee 'top' management gurus of the time to sweep the world. they should go back to making basic weaving machines; building complicated, high-quality consumer products seems way beyond them.

Chevrolet Spark - more GM Daewoo garbage.

25 November 2009

I'd be surprised too if I was Toyota, but I wouldn't draw attention to the result unless I was pretty sure I was right. So it will be interesting to see what happens.

It's worrying when small cars, already vulnerable simply because of their size, get poor results. The recent US tests showed that small cars with good NCAP scores perform badly when crashing into even medium sized cars. You need a five-star small car to give you even moderate protection against something the size of a Ford Mondeo.

25 November 2009

-the Toyota production system "lean" as a total system including design does have massive flaws; i have known that for years and you are quite right it was only a matter of time before it caught Toyota up; i have said for years Toyota will start having issues and they will (with doubt); Toyota are going to implode as BM will and is undergoing massive change and BM will have issues (I think BM will merge with someone)

-the book "the machine that changed the world" is a very good book and from your comments I am not sure you have read it all; its a fantastic book and as dar as I know the teachings of hte book were ones of action and comparison and differentials; what is done differently, how do you get better; if you read the book in context of the market and look at what its actually saying; take the book in sections.

-Toyota and Japan are going through massive cultural changes, you start getting all sorts of things, go have a look at "Hoshin Kanri"; Japan and Toyota are going through massive changes and the bigger the organisation the more the effect; its going to be really interesting the next five to six years re. Toyota.

-you got to think now that the book MCW must be what 20 years old (it must be at least 15) and it shows just what a massive set of advancements other manufacturers have made and some assumptions etc; if you look at the context of the book and plug it into todays market; but this would take a long time to explain.

-the chevy spark is only a very small city car and four stars does not mean it would not get five stars in crash tests as I think now the Encap people are placing in pedestrian safety where it might not have scored well; i think the smart car only got 3 stars, Subaru Impreza got 4 stars and the c1 got 4 stars; also they may retest the spark to get it higher

-you will also notice the Cruze got 5 stars

25 November 2009

Maybe Euro N Cap have a special test for ugly cars that is far stricter than normal so that it can help us not to buy them!! But the BMW x1 got 5 stars I hear you cry.

When will the mighty Toyota offer some guenuinely class leading product? All cars are reliable enough these days so whats the selling point now.

25 November 2009

[quote CapsLock]you will also notice the Cruze got 5 stars[/quote]

yes, so did the new Astra(highest overall score of the batch tested - 81), both on the same Delta II platform of course. the Chevy Spark was marked down for no ESP and poor child protection:

Crashtest-Ergebnisse November 2009 im Detail

Modell Schutz Erwachsene Schutz Kinder Schutz Fußgänger Sicherheit Gesamtpkt.
BMW X1 (5 Sterne) 87 % (75 %) 86 % (70 %) 63 % (25 %) 71 % (60%) 80 (70)
Chevrolet Cruze (5 Sterne) 96 % (75 %) 84 % (70 %) 34 % (25 %) 71 % (60%) 79 (70)
Chevrolet Spark (4 Sterne) 81 % (75 %) 43 % (70 %) 43 % (25 %) 71 % (60%) 69 (70)
Citroen DS3 (5 Sterne) 87 % (75 %) 71 % (70 %) 35 % (25 %) 83 % (60%) 73 (70)
Infiniti FX (5 Sterne) 86 % (75 %) 77 % (70 %) 44 % (25 %) 99 % (60%) 77 (70)
Mazda 3 (5 Sterne) 86 % (75 %) 84 % (70 %) 51 % (25 %) 71 % (60%) 77 (70)
Mercedes E-Klasse (5 Sterne) 86 % (75 %) 77 % (70 %) 58 % (25 %) 86 % (60%) 79 (70)
Mecredes GLK (5 Sterne) 89 % (75 %) 76 % (70 %) 44 % (25 %) 86 % (60%) 77 (70)
Opel Astra (5 Sterne) 95 % (75 %) 84 % (70 %) 46 % (25 %) 71 % (60 %) 81 (70)
Peugeot 5008 (5 Sterne) 89 % (75 %) 79 % (70 %) 37 % (25 %) 97 % (60 %) 77 (70)
Toyota Urban Cruiser (3 Sterne) 58 % (75 %) 71 % (70 %) 53 % (25 %) 86 % (60 %) 62 (70)
VW Scirroco (5 Sterne) 87 % (75 %) 73 % (70 %) 53 % (25 %) 71 % (60 %) 76 (70)
Angaben in Klammern: Mindest-Norm für Fünf-Sterne Wertung

the new BMW X1 had the best pedestrian protection.

25 November 2009

[quote MattDB]All cars are reliable enough these days [/quote]

Who told you that ?

25 November 2009

"When will the mighty Toyota offer some guenuinely class leading product? "




25 November 2009

- actually the Chevy Spark got really good marks for child protection, its main areas of concern were pedestrian safety and lack of ESP (the latter is as you said); if it had ESP it would have five stars.

-IQ - class leading, is that the same class that says its got "4 proper seats" and "can seat four adults"!!?? iQ i do not think is class leading - i would put it at the bottom.

-Prius, that is not class leading either, is not the Honda something something similar for like loads less money, now that is class leading; Prius technology is wrong in that size of car anyway.

-Hilux, the Ford Ranger beats the Hilux, the Hilux has not been anything for years and then what about Mits and Navara?

25 November 2009

[quote Scott B]





I may accept Prius as a genuine car.

But Hilux ?

Rather a truck than a car, with very poor interior....for example, the ventilation control looks worse than in a Dacia or Lada.

Euro 4 diesel engines and many others.

Same thing for IQ, is unacceptable for a "car" launched in A.D. 2009 wiht all the engines rated as Euro4.

A genuine car is more or less a car with very few weaknesses.

Practical is not genuine.

25 November 2009

[quote Scott B]





Why, what's wrong with the Auris, Avensis and Yaris?

Where has all Japanese design went to?


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