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Pictures of forthcoming Seat saloon and estate revealed early

Images of Seat’s forthcoming Exeo saloon and estate have leaked onto the internet after the design of the car was registered with trademark authorities in Spain.As we previously reported, the Exeo is based on the previous-generation Audi A4, and the images make clear that, apart from its new nose and tail, the Seat looks almost identical. The images also confirm for the first time that Seat will be using the A4 Avant bodyshell to produce an estate version of the Exeo. Production of the car is scheduled to begin in December, with UK sales starting early next year.Details of the prices, specifications and powerplant options will have to wait closer to its launch, but Seat insiders say the Exeo will be priced at a similar level to the Skoda Superb, suggesting a range from around £15,000 to £23,000.

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noluddite 27 August 2008

Re: Seat Exeo leaks out

On the one hand my thoughts are that this car was good enough for Audi buyers just a few months ago. Seat have updated it and lowered the prices. It's only badge snobbery which will prevent it from being a success. But on the other hand, would the Audi have sold so well without it's badge, and will it do so now?

Casanova 27 August 2008

Re: Seat Exeo leaks out

I think this will be great for Seat. When they've had most success in recent years its been through budget redesigns of VAG products (previous generation Leon & Ibiza for example). Seat are the TK Maxx of the Volkswagen group... This is what people want from the company - VAG engineering, cheap pricing, but with enough "Spanish" style to make them feel OK about buying cheap (whereas Skoda is the more overtly budget choice and has a more serious image). Although like a British package holiday to the Costa del Sol, you're getting sold Spain almost in name only.


Andrew Lee 26 August 2008

Re: Seat Exeo leaks out

Are they having a laugh?? First the non-Spanish name. Now the non-Spanish styling... Why didn't they do a version of the Superb (but without it looking like a Morris Ital)?