Currently reading: Seat names big saloon ‘Exeo’
Mondeo rival based on previous Audi A4, here next year

Seat has announced the name for its new mid-sized saloon, which has previously only been known by its internal codename of Bolero.The new car will be called the ‘Exeo’, which Seat claims should be pronounced as “ex-ay-o”. The new moniker marks a break by Seat from its previous corporate habit of naming its models after Spanish cities, a practice started with the Ronda (a licence-built Fiat Strada) in 1981. The new name is derived from the Latin word ‘exire’, which means to go beyond. We already know that the Exeo is going to be based around the architecture of the previous generation Audi A4 – although fitted with the latest-spec VW-group engines - and will share its fascia with the A4 cabriolet. Seat’s Director of Design, Luc Donckerwolke, has previously told Autocar that the Audi underpinnings will give the new car a head start against rivals like the Ford Mondeo and Vauxhall Vectra:“We believe the Seat brand will become established much faster in this highly competitive sector if the first model we offer has a proven record of quality and reliability. With the Audi A4-based model, there will be no room for doubt.”Production of the Exeo will begin in December and the car will go on sale early next year. Company insiders say it will be priced at a similar level to the Skoda Superb.

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Roy Fullee 21 June 2008

Re: Seat names big saloon ‘Exeo’

I'm still not sure what VW is upto with SEAT. Basing the Exeo on a previous gen platform is an odd move, particular when the previous A4 was dynamically flawed. I can only assume that this move is to save costs, in which case can we assume that SEAT will now be VW's budget brand?

After all the lastest Skoda Superb, which will be an in-house rival, is based on the current (albiet now 3yr old) Passat platform and not an 8 year-old design like the old A4. On the other hand if SEAT works wonders on the ride and handling to rival the Mondeo/C-Class, then it'll make you wonder how Audi has got it so wrong. Even the current A4 is way off the pace dynamically.

I don't think using the A4 cabrio's dash will help as that now looks dated compared to the latest VW Group offerings. And again, the Supeb has its own design.

jl4069 20 June 2008

Re: Seat names big saloon ‘Exeo’

While VW is at it why don't they get really smart and pull out the Golf Mk1/2 chassis and as well the UrQuattro chassis and rebody those!! Then we'd have modern cars that once again handle great.

squelchuk 20 June 2008

Re: Seat names big saloon ‘Exeo’

Here's hoping that they they do something to sort out the ride and the handling. I was impressed with the last A4. I can't remember where i heard the quote, and if it was about the A4 or not, but it has the ubiqituous quality of neither riding well nor handling well.


Go and try a KTM RC8. I bought one in white. Best £11k I ever spent.