Currently reading: Reports: Toyota/BMW iQ tie-up
US reports claim a swap deal between the two firms is in discussion

Toyota is in talks with BMW about using the Mini Coupe and Roadster platform to future model variants, according to reports from the US.

Although neither company has confirmed the reports, it is claimed that BMW would get use of the next-generation iQ, specifically its interior and platform, in return for Toyota using the Mini platform.

The iQ platform could also be used to underpin a production version of BMW’s micro electric car, rumoured to be called the Isetta.

The concept version of the Mini Coupe was shown off last week and it and its sister Roadster will be on show at the Frankfurt motor show next month. Both models are expected to make production in two to three years time, although BMW has yet to give the green light.

Aston Martin has already arranged a similar deal with Toyota to use the iQ as the basis for its Cygnet micro car.

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daddy 3 2 September 2009

Re: Reports: Toyota/BMW iQ tie-up

Thought BMW signed a deal a few months ago with Fiat to build the new car in Poland on a New shorter platform baised in the 500s ?.Well thats what all the papers said including Autocar on this very forum.

RoadsterViking 31 August 2009

Re: Reports: Toyota/BMW iQ tie-up

Not a bad word about the Mini,but surely Toyota has all the small fwd plattforms they need? Well,as always with these thing three words apply: Grain Of Salt.

TegTypeR 31 August 2009

Re: Reports: Toyota/BMW iQ tie-up

Can't imagine that will go down too well with Aston.

From Toyota's point of view the more of that platform they produce, the better the economies of scale and the lower the price the IQ could be sold at. That said, I would have thought there would be enough internal customers to make it cheaper anyway (Lexus, Subaru etc etc etc) if they wanted to do that.

The bigger question is, are BMW looking at making a "Proper" Mini; a car that has a small foot print and excellent interior space?