readers vote SUV in to top spot
5 January 2010 readers have chosen the Range Rover as their Car of the Decade.

Autocar’s resident car experts nominated and championed 17 great cars launched during the past ten years for readers to choose from – or voters could suggest their own star car.

Hi-res pictures of the Range Rover, Lotus Elise, Bugatti Veyron and Nissan GT-R

Of more than 7500 votes, some 18 per cent - nearly a fifth - were for the Range Rover, a car launched in 2001 to widespread acclaim.

“The Range Rover is a fine choice for Car of the Decade,” said Autocar editor Chas Hallett. “Most polls like this have results skewed towards the latter end of their timescale, but not this one. That the Range Rover was launched nine years ago yet remains a benchmark speaks volumes for the brilliance of its design – and for the taste of the people who voted for it.”

The Range Rover saw off strong showings from the MkII Lotus Elise, which took second place with 12.5 per cent of the vote, and the Bugatti Veyron and Nissan GT-R, which each polled 8.8 percent of the total to finish joint third.

Autocar associate editor Hilton Holloway championed the car, saying: “The Range Rover defined a new type of luxury. Technically sophisticated, beautifully detailed, modern and yet retrospective. It was an overwhelming presence, but in way that the majority could admire.”

The second-placed car, the Mk2 Lotus Elise, has also been in production for much of the past decade. The British roadster has defined the classic sports car and Lotus’s success during that time.

In equal third-place, the the Bugatti Veyron and Nissan GT-R, meanwhile, approached performance on a very different tack.

Our Verdict

Land Rover Range Rover review hero front

The fourth-generation Range Rover is here to be judged as a luxury car as much as it is a 4x4

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Driven this week

The million-Euro Bugatti Veyron became easily the fastest production car in the world when it was launched in 2005. Autocar’s own video of driving the Veyron at 243mph has achieved cult status on the web.

Nissan’s 2009 GT-R is a recent introduction but offers staggering performance at a (relatively) affordable price of under £60,000.

Other notable placings in the survey went to the Lotus Elise-based Vauxhall VX220 Ford Focus, Audi R8, Rolls-Royce Phantom, Tata Nano and MkII Toyota Prius.

Top ten:1 Range Rover2 Lotus Elise Mk23= Bugatti Veyron and Nissan GT-R5 Vauxhall VX2206 Toyota Prius Mk27 Tata Nano8 Mini Cooper9 Ford Focus10 Jaguar XF

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5 January 2010

I think the result of this proves how hard a job it was to select one car that stood out. Personally I think it should have been the Veyron or the Prius as polar opposites of what defined the noughties. I'm having a tough time seeing how most of the other top 10 got there.

5 January 2010

My vote went to the range rover. The luxury, the ability, everything screams amazing. However, the other reason my vote for car of the decade when to the RR was because unfortunately most people didn't buy it for its abilities, merely the image it portrayed. The 00s were a decade of excess, where the SUV rose and began to fall. And then LR produced the RR sport *shudder*

5 January 2010

Hmmm, Im reckoning the Range Rovers owners club probably had something to do with this vote as it comes as a massive shock that this car comes in at Number 1. Now I know that the people have voted but this doesn't stop me from commenting on the results, the Range Rover is an icon from a previous millienia. I respect it, but am I the only one who finds it neither special nor ground breaking?!? In a decade that gave us a family saloon capabile of nearly 200 mph (the Bmw M5) and the digital might that is the Supercar conquering £60k Nissan GT-R. Even the Toyota Prius! The british public reckon the Range Rover is King?!?! No wonder the UK car industry went down the pan if we are all so unimaginative.

5 January 2010

This is a victory for common sense. This car is a superb feat of engineering and a car that does everything you'd need a car to do and does it excellently. The pity is that some people are so blinded by government-induced hysteria that they can not laud it so.

5 January 2010

I think this should have more correctly been titled "British Car of the Decade" - and the result merely confirms your British reader base. Excluding the locally built cars gives a more global picture, I believe. One thing most of these cars have in common, I suspect, is that they have not made any money for their respective manufacturers!

5 January 2010