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Firm doesn't rule out an even hotter version of its baby sports coupe
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8 December 2010

Porsche could add an ever hotter Club Sport version to its Cayman range, according to the firm’s boss of mid-engined cars.

Hans-Jurgen Wohler told Autocar that although a Cayman Club Sport was not currently on the cards, “anything is possible” in the future.

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“We now have a new CEO in Matthias Müller and he has some ideas,” said Wohler. “This is the decision of the board: which car line, which direction.

Wohler also explained why the latest Cayman model, revealed at last month’s LA motor show, is an R and not a Club Sport.

“Use the example of the Boxster Spyder,” he said. “It’s very ‘sharp’, and you only reach certain volumes with the positioning of that car. With the Cayman R, the day-to-day usability is really another world compared with the Spyder.

“But a CS version of the Cayman would be like the Spyder in the positioning.”Read the full story on the new Porsche Cayman R

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8 December 2010

Startling news. I feel a little better now that I know porsche will be potentially expanded its line. It also feels good to have a site like AC which can wisk this breaking news to me as it breaks. I myself have it on some authority that porsche will be launching an even more lightweight and special-opps line called the "BS".

8 December 2010

I guess this is in response to the Lotus Evora out-classing the Cayman. Let's see what Porsche can muster, Lotus won't be too worried though.

8 December 2010

[quote The Special One]I guess this is in response to the Lotus Evora out-classing the Cayman. Let's see what Porsche can muster, Lotus won't be too worried though[/quote]

I doubt very much whether Porsche will be too worried either

8 December 2010

Yeah the R is supposed to be the practical Cayman, yet they charge extra for aircon. Which you need no matter how 'purist' you might be.

What a joke, except it's not funny.

8 December 2010

[quote manicm]Yeah the R is supposed to be the practical Cayman,[/quote]Never heard it claimed as that unless Porsche means easier to live with in cost; that restricted rear hatch is just an air freshner, but it is a great car to drive. One of the best I've ever encountered.


8 December 2010

The biggest question this article throws up is simply... is this really a news story at all? Yet another quiet day at Autocar HQ, nothing else to do but put out a story based on hearsay and purely hypothetical. How do they do it you ask? I rather suspect it involves a hat filled with pieces of folded up paper printed with car manufacturers, car models, key industry figures and lots and lots and lots of implausible scenarios. The Autocar staff take turns at pulling the pieces of paper out of the hat until they have what they consider to be a story worthy of featuring in their "breaking news" section.

On a more serious note - doesn't Porsche realise the potential damage these stories can do to sales? If you're thinking of buying a Cayman R - after reading this "article" should you? Or wait and see if the CS is launched when at that point your new Cayman R is suddenly trumpted by another model and immediately "old hat". Decisions, decisions...

8 December 2010

[quote R32]If you're thinking of buying a Cayman R - after reading this "article" should you?[/quote]It would depend who you are buying the car for; your neighbours to admire or you for full driving pleasure. Are you to feel shame because you have the R and not the CS? If worried about status, ask for decals to be removed.

8 December 2010

I bet even Porsche's marketing people would struggle to tell you the difference between S, R, RS, Club Sport, Spyder, GT...

8 December 2010

The whole idea of previous CS's has been stripped versions of the standard car running standard engines but tweeked suspension. That sounds suspiciously like the spec of the "R" to me. So what would a Cayman CS's spec be?

Sorry Porsche, you really are loosing the plot on this one.

When something worth announcing comes along...... say a Cayman GT3RS (or what ever you want to call that)....... then that will be worth listening to.

8 December 2010

They should rather make a Cayman TDI.


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