Lotus makes lightweight propeller-driven machine for Antarctic explorers
14 August 2008

Lotus has created a bespoke lightweight ice vehicle for an Antarctic expedition that is planning on crossing the entire frozen continent.Named the Concept Ice Vehicle (CIV), it will be used to support the Moon Regan Transantarctic Expedition which will be crossing 3000 miles of Antarctica and visiting the South Pole en route. Lotus constructed the CIV, which rides on three independently sprung skis and is designed to be light enough to be lifted or carried over terrain it can’t ski over. It is powered by a biofuel engine that turns a propeller and was designed by Jason de Carteret and Kieron Bradley - who has previously travelled across Mongolia using a kite-propelled buggy. The expedition will also be using two six-wheel drive Ford E250 vans.

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15 August 2008

[quote theoriginalshoe]

Cool! I want one. How much...?


Where are you going to use it.

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