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London Mayor Boris Johnson wants to scrap the automatic charge exemption for all hybrids

London's Congestion Charge policy will be shaken up if proposals by London Mayor Boris Johnson get the go-ahead.

Johnson wants to scrap the automatic charge exemption for all hybrids, replacing it with free entry to the zone for vehicles emitting less than 100g/km of CO2 and meeting other Euro V emissions standards.

The proposal is part of a consultation released for public comment by Transport for London, which is also looking at scrapping the westward extension of the zone, effectively halving its size.

In addition, the charge will increase from £8 to £10, or £12 if you pay the day after.

However, it has also been proposed that people can spend £10 to register for the charge in order to get access to a simplified payment system.

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289 26 May 2010

Re: London to alter charging criteria

nicksheele wrote:
There'll be many potential buyers who'll live in the South East, Home Counties, rest of UK, who will keep in mind that their say £70k hybrid SUV will no longer allow them free go, whenever they may need to go to central London. But, it would be interesting to see the sales breakdown of Range Rovers across the UK. Anecdotally the Range Rover Sport is said to be one of the most popular choices with hedge funders and investment bankers in the City. Statistically, I would hazard a guess that London and the South East account for at least a half of Range Rover(+R/R Sports) sales in the UK.

I think you are right Nick.

However even as a SUV owner myself, I can't see any reason for Londoners wanting to drive SUV's in London as a day to day car, any more than the idiots who drive Supercars around town in first gear frying their clutches. Its just plain stupid, and all started as a vain attempt to suggest to your peers through the choice of your vehicle that you are monied and owners of estate in the country as well as property in town.

Probably the 'Sloane Rangers Handbook' started that.

Then women who had traditionally always protected their little darlings in Volvo estates, (safety angle), were talked into a 4x4 by their husbands because they fancied driving it at the weekends...its complete madness.

Of course some 4x4's that you see in London are used for their real purpose and are just visiting...myself for example, although in my case thats probably about twice a year.

As regards the hedge funders and investment bankers, quite a few have bought houses in the countryside...we can spot them a mile off as their 4x4's are usually Black in colour, RR Sports, Q7's and ML/GL's - super clean, (on a friday) with no scratches and no towbars! Virtually no true countryman would buy a 4x4 in Black as long as they live, so they stand out a mile.

They also have an aversion to getting their tyres dirty, so they never move over in narrow lanes usually barging through or stopping in the middle of the road with a panic stricken look on their faces.

Some even fit ridiculous wheels rendering the vehicle quite useless, as we saw and laughed long and loud at this winter!

At least they are entertainment for us 'yocals'

MattDB 26 May 2010

Re: London to alter charging criteria

Euro 4 diesels pump out lots of NOX which will kill you faster than any co2. Borris Johnson is well informed about green issues and connecting this to euro 5 and higher is the right move. Hopefully when Euro 6 comes in he will change it to that.

Anyway, some euro cities are likely to become emissions free zones that will only allow electric cars That will come at some point so enjoy your diesel car in London while you can.

Pay per mile, what a splendid idea. I drive for fun and take the train for work. Will make my fun cheaper to enjoy and make road hogs pay for their overusage. Don't believe the lefty hype, the trains and tube work just fine and are admired by pretty much every tourist that comes to London.

VieT Bwoii 26 May 2010

Re: London to alter charging criteria

i've got the ford fiesta econetic. Only emmits 98g/km of co2. But its the 2009 version which is euro 4. Not euro 5. The newer model is euro 5 . But ford has cut down levels of equipment on that particular model -.-

stupid borris johnson. Explains why i dont vote for conservative , the next thing they're gonna do is make us pay per mile on every journey we do.