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Firm will “fight to preserve its DNA” as it cleans up future models; third model also planned
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15 November 2010

Lamborghini boss Stephan Winkelmann says the firm will need to “fight to preserve its DNA” as it strives to clean up future models and hit its target of a 35 per cent reduction in CO2 emissions by 2015.

Speaking at the launch of the firm’s new V12-based powertrain - which is predicted to deliver an reduction in CO2 emissions of around 20 per cent when when it arrives in the Murciélago replacement next spring - Winkelmann said that smaller improvements in engine efficiency and lightweight construction techniques would help to achieve the ambitious 2015 target.

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But he also warned that other efficiency measures - such as the introduction of turbocharged, smaller-capacity engines - would be resisted, because they risk damaging Lamborghini’s brand values.

“Of course, having a new gearbox and engine allows us to make the biggest sort of step in this area,” Winkelmann told Autocar. “So that’s what we’re seeing with the new V12. But we can still predict smaller steps in that area and also more lightweight materials to help us.

“However, we also have to look very carefully at what customers expect from us as a brand, and that cannot be changed. We must fight to preserve that DNA and that will influence what we do to improve the CO2 emissions. Performance is still at our core. If we alter that then we have nothing.”

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Winkelmann also hinted that Lamborghini is once again considering adding a third model to the range, having canned the proposed Estoque four-door during the global economic slowdown. “We have made some hard decisions over the past two years,” he said, “but now we will regroup over the next few months to see what can happen.”

The most obvious candidate for production is the Estoque. But burgeoning interest from markets like Russia and China, as well as continued sales in the Middle East, may yet persuade the firm to consider an SUV successor to the LM002 off-roader.

John McIlroy

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15 November 2010

There is no surprise to me that Lamborghini are going to lighten the weight of their cars. With four-wheel drive adding weight the cars were getting too heavy, which meant higher CO2 figures and the resulting fines that will eventually go with that. It would seem that the Sesto Elemento is the future of Lambo and to me that is good news.

15 November 2010

I have read articles about this car over the past couple of months and thought, this should be good,and then i was watching a car program recorded from last Friday, the car in question being tested was an Insignia VXR, now in the hands of the esteemed tester he said it was a bit lardy, then he quoted the weight,1825kg!, twice the weight of the sesto!,question, what's really holding up lightness with strength in everyday road car's?,and, if Audi know, why are there road car's so lardy also?.

15 November 2010

Yes!! LM-002!!!! One model one spec one engine (twin-turbo V10) one price..

15 November 2010

Yeah!, just like the re-invention of the Range Rover every so often, a time-less classic maybe, or a man vegetable statement on wheels?, even Arnie had his wheel mounted!.

15 November 2010

[ But he also warned that other efficiency measures - such as the introduction of turbocharged, smaller-capacity engines - would be resisted, because they risk damaging Lamborghini’s brand values.]


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