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Pagani releases Cvstos-designed, Zonda-inspired timepiece

It was only ever a matter of time (ba-doom-tish); supercar fans, allow Autocar to introduce the new Pagani Zonda F Stopwatch, made by Swiss horologists Cvstos.With Ferrari, Bugatti, Koenigsegg, McLaren Mercedes, Porsche and Lamborghini having regularly offered fine timepieces to go with their even finer sports cars, Pagani was always going to follow suit sooner or later. However, you expect something particularly ornate and extravagant from the maker of a car that comes with leather buckles and driving gloves blessed by the Pope. And Cvstos hasn't disappointed.The Zonda F watch is available in pink gold, yellow gold or titanium. Its crown repeats the design on top of the supercar's gear lever; its four subsidiary dials mimic the pattern of the car's diamond-shaped quad exhaust arrangement; and behind the face, its oscillating mass is even shaped like one of the car's wheels. There's no word from Pagani yet on what it'll cost, although it's sure to be comfortable into five figures. But then if you can afford to pay £390,000 for a car, you probably won't bat an eyelid at that kind of price tag; any you probably won't mind that it's powered by clockwork, rather than an AMG V12, either.It's not the only fast-looking watch on the market, of course. We've selected the latest supercar-branded chronographs in our gallery; see how Pagani's new timepiece stacks upagainst them by clicking here.

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