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Honda still has no plans to replace the NSX

Honda boss Takanobu Ito has referred to the newly launched Lexus LFA as a "monster" at a press conference in Tokyo today.

Asked about a NSX replacement Ito reiterated that the company has no plans to directly replace the supercar but added that if they did "it wouldn’t look like the monster Toyota has just shown at the motor show".

Hi-res Lexus LFA pictures

Ito also hinted that a hydrogen fuel cell powered supercar could be on the cards deep into the future. "It would be lighter than a petrol car, be fun to drive and has maximum torque from zero rpm," he said.

Honda’s boss also canned speculation he was planning to bring the company’s luxury brand Acura to Europe. "The economic crash forced us to change our plans, it’s not coming for the time being and I don’t know when it will," he admitted.

Ito also restated the company’s plans to broaden its range of hybrids. He revealed plans for twin motor hybrids for cars larger than a Civic and committed the company to continue its development of petrol and diesel engines to go with them.

The long term goal for Honda though is to have a range of hydrogen fuel cell cars, but conceded that they would not be commonplace for at least two decades.

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Dave52 23 October 2009

Re: Honda CEO: 'LFA is a monster'

Much as I like my Honda and the whole experience of owning one they do seem to be on course to offer nothing of any great use to anyone in Europe at the moment, so this is not a surprise. I think they might be surprised that all of Europe does still like good diesels (their effort is woefully weak) and that when push comes to shove a weak hybrid coupé ain't no use to man nor beast - not here in Germany anyway. Their hybrid system is the most backward of the lot too. Their assumptions about when they'll be able to start really selling fuelcell vehicles is almost insanity - even our management wouldn't be quite so over optimistic. Shame, but I think Honda's attitude to Europe was best summed up with their ex-boss who said it was a only a "small" market. But they seem to get caught out by changes in the US too. It's a real pity.