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Firm to offer five-years of servicing, health checks, warranty, MOT cover and breakdown cover

Chevrolet has launched a new five-year promise scheme for all its models, which includes five-years of free servicing, a warranty, roadside assistance, MOT test cover and vehicle checks.

Chevrolet claims the new scheme is the most generous warranty and aftersales package ever seen in the UK. It covers every model in its range, including the recently-introduced Spark and Cruze models.

The package includes a five-year warranty, five years of free servicing, five years of roadside assistance, five years of annual vehicle healthchecks and free MOT test cover for five years.

“Other makers have offered long warranties, but never with the same level of back-up,” said Chevrolet’s UK MD Mark Terry. “We’re that confident in the quality of our products that we’re prepared to underwrite our reputation for dependable high value motoring with such a comprehensive, all-encompassing package.”

The firm has also said it will launch “another new generation of cars” at the Paris motor show in September.

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ronmcdonald 1 August 2010

Re: Chevrolet's 'five-year promise'

VX220EDDIE wrote:

5 years worry free motoring sounds good to me it sounds that good i'm speccing a chevy cruze and if i can find a dealer that offers a big discount i will be going for it.

My worry would be that I'd need to take my car to the USA to be serviced and have warranty work carried out because I'm not at all confident Chevy will be in existence let alone have a UK dealership in 5 years time. I may be wrong but didn't Daewoo pioneer a similar scheme? Weren't they the first to offer free 3yr warranty and servicing package? When Daewoo went belly up what happened to that free service promise?

Mel B 1 August 2010

Re: Chevrolet's 'five-year promise'

Some of the dealers don't know what they're doing! We travelled 60 miles today to see a car with a supposed 5 year warranty etc only to be told that it didn't have it (registred 30/6/10) and if we wanted the cover extending it was between £365-£500 extra, and that still didn't make it match the 'new' 5 year warranty. By the time we'd finished totting it all up it added over £1000 to the cost of the car over the 5 years ....!

The MOT isn't incuded in the new '5' year cover, only warranty work needed that is found when carrying out the MOT.

The price of the new cars has gone up to cover the cost of the warranty by at least £500 so there is a trade off ... we walked away from the deal especially since the salesman had a cobb on because he thought it was a done deal and didn't like us asking questions ... shame they didn't give us the whole picture first!

Oh, one last thing, be aware that some of the dealers are insisting that the 'optional' tax and loan check, that they HAVE to carry out for their own purposes anyway, are actually a 'compulsory' charge and try to make you pay £99 for it, or they won't sell you the car! Not all of them, but some ... including the one with the cobb on!

fhp11 12 July 2010

Re: Chevrolet's 'five-year promise'

beachland2 wrote:
Doesnt the distance count between you and the product? customer never even seen the car let alone touched it or sat in it. it was a long distance sale in my opinion, but i dont know how the law sees it.

Well distance selling regs are for things like internet purchases, TV shopping channels etc where you dont see the product untill it arrives. If you physically see the product before you pay for it and buy it, then it doesnt count. as far as im aware....