He thinks he can, so go on, ask Goodwin
31 January 2008

'Ask Goodwin' online is back by popular demand. Whether you want to know why a limited slip differential helps you go sideways, or even how it feels to drive a giant shopping trolley, Colin Goodwin is your man.Regular users may be familiar with the Ask Goodwin page, the loss of which did not go unnoticed following the Autocar.co.uk redesign.So we've brought him back and you need only click on the link below to find out what the best way into racing is, or maybe you can't decide whether to buy a used 3-series or a new Mondeo. Whatever you want to know, the answer is a mere click away.Just don't ask him about cooking. He's rubbish at that.

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26 November 2007

I want to buy a used car, it is a ford mondeo, 2001 reg, costs £2,200, ands it looks nice on the body.

What else should I check for before handing over the money?


27 November 2007

This is going to suffer from a lack of individual users unless autocar advertise the forums better in the magazine. When this site was relaunched it only got a one line mention in the editors page at the start. It's your own magazine, surely they could do a full page spread for free!

11 January 2008

So where is the ask goodwin section of your website? there used to be a link on the front page.

I suspect that as there is no obvoius place ( and I have looked) where a viewer can look at the past questions, this might put people off posting their own questions

14 January 2008

Interesting to note that in the current issue of Autocar, some bloke has written to Goodwin complaining about the magazines incessant bent with how well a road car goes round a track, while what he wants is a return to cars that soak up the bumps rather than crash over them with their large diameter wheels and low profile tyres with hard suspension.

Would you believe Goodwin agrees with him!!!!!! Maybe we should see road testers that do not have a racing background testing road cars and racing testers testing sports/racing cars?

Seems obvious to me!

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