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The ultimate new vs used comparison test - which Bug is best? See the stunning pics
Richard Bremner Autocar
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15 January 2010

Bugatti’s EB110 was considered the ultimate supercar of its day. The Veyron still holds that title now. So what happens when the two meet?

Autocar’s Richard Bremner went to find out, and you can see the stunning pictures from the ultimate twin test by clicking on the link below.

“Bugatti Veyron,” says Bremner. “Born 2005. Engineered in Germany by Volkswagen. Built in France. Legendary for its sledgehammer spec, for costing over £1 million plus taxes, for its 252mph top speed and 2.5sec 0-60mph time.

“Bugatti EB110. Born 1991. Engineered in Italy by an elite group of designers and technicians. Legendary for its sledgehammer spec, for reviving the defunct Bugatti name and for Michael Schumacher’s lengthy ownership of a SuperSport..

“But while both might wear Bugatti logos and prove an unlikely spot in a supermarket car park, do the EB110 and Veyron really have so much in common? They come from unrelated enterprises, one defunct, the other flourishing. Their styling is tangentially linked at best and their prices and performance are separated by a gulf as big as the one you’ll find between an Audi TT RS and an R8 V10.

“Yet they have more in common than you’d imagine. Both are built around carbonfibre tubs, are powered by generously cylindered, multi-valve, midship-mounted vee engines whose substantial muscle is boosted by a quartet of turbochargers.

“Both have four-wheel drive and each was created with the aim of building the ultimate supercar of the era. In its day, the EB110 was compared with the Ferrari F40, the Porsche 959 and the Jaguar XJ220.”

Bremner enjoyed the old school charm of the EB110, while he also enjoyed the secure platform it provided from which its awesome power could be unleashed. The Veyron, meanwhile, was found to be well mannered and secure, with the biggest challenge being resisting the urge to plant its milled aluminium accelerator at every moment.

You could read Bremner’s full verdict on the two supercars in this week’s Autocar magazine, which is on sale now.


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14 January 2010

Still think the EB110 is a stunning car, love the little air intakes on the rear 1/4 just behind the side windows. & look at that massive handbrake! It looks like it would get in the way of your elbow every time you changed gear!!!

14 January 2010

Plus, I dont know why, but Ive always loved those 80s style windows, I dont know what theyre called, the Subaru SVX had them as well, & the Delorean, where theres like a bit cut out & only that bit opens. I dont know why but they just look really cool!!

14 January 2010

INCREDIBLE thats all i can say too about the veyron machine , the way it gains speed is mindblowing! the car of the century 4 me :)

14 January 2010

The old Bugatti looks cross-eyed or boss-eyed as they say in London, loool

14 January 2010

Stunning both of them just shows how much car design has progressed when you see them side by side.

For me the EB110 is the car closer to the Bugatti rationale with it's less fancy design and interior giving it what looks to a more raw driving experience.

14 January 2010

The article says used Veyrons are rarely seen, but my local prestige car dealer always has one or two new or used ones for sale. I

14 January 2010

These two cars are only comparible by the way in their own decades that they were/are the ultimate supercar, they have no relevance to each other today, it's like comparing an Atom bomb with a stone age man and his wooden club.

14 January 2010

[quote Peter Cavellini]... it's like comparing an Atom bomb... [/quote]

It's like comparing something that is stunning to look at, exotic and striking to something hideous.

For all of the billions spent on developing a technical marvel, Bugatti doesn't seem to have spent one of them on creating a beautiful Veyron. In the flesh, it's yet more disappointing.

The Enzo is the only modern hypercar that I can think of that is visually cohesive and satisfying.

14 January 2010

An Enzo? Really? They already look dated, a McClaren F1 looks more modern than an Enzo. A Carrera GT makes it look positively ridiculous. This is an opinion, mind you, but I've never met anyone that could honestly call an Enzo a good looking car.

14 January 2010

[quote LoganMotor]I've never met anyone that could honestly call an Enzo a good looking car.[/quote]

You don't hang about with the right people.


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