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'Driverless' Audi TT to be driven up Pikes Peak hillclimb

Audi has confirmed it will enter next year's infamous American Pikes Peak Hill Climb event with a 'driverless' TT Quattro.

The car, which won't be eligible for honours on the event, is being run as a showcase for technology that Audi hopes to use on its production cars in the future.

See pictures of the 'driverless' Audi TT

It says the guidance systems the car employs could be used in adverse conditions where a driver may be distracted or make a wrong decision. But Audi has also stressed that its system is not designed to take over from the driver.

The car operates via Java real-time receiving programming, which updates via telemetry within a range of 20 miles.

Ultimately, it is envisioned that aerial towers will be able to send and receive signals to cars equipped with the technology in a manner similar to today's cellular mobile telephone aerials.

Dr Huhnke, executive director of Volkswagen Electronics Research Laboratory, said, "We believe that developing a car that can perform as well and respond as rapidly as a 'professional' driver, like a race or rally driver, will eventually be able to drive its way around incidents in a way that a 'normal' driver couldn't."

The Pikes Peak Hill Climb takes place next June.

Karl Berridge

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Peter Cavellini 1 December 2009

Re: Audi to rally 'driverless' car

Whatever next!?, horse wins Grand National with remote contorl rider?

BulletTrainMcKane 1 December 2009

Re: Audi to rally 'driverless' car

"The car operates via Java" - brings a whole new meaning to the term "software crash"!

Big Mac 1 December 2009

Re: Audi to rally 'driverless' car

I can't wait for my Audi to start doing some "Rally Driving" to get me around a corner. I "Normal" so... Now I can just go as fast as I dare, all over the place and my Audi will save me. Weeeee!!!

I'm hoping I can get a replay of that on my iphone.