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There are advantages to being old. If you’re a pensioner, you can turf healthy young whipper-snappers out of their seats on public transport. You can get away with stuff more easily: momentary lapses of memory or concentration, dubious personal hygiene and the like. And you get paid £87.30 a week for sitting on your wrinkly posterior, drinking tea and complaining about the weather.

If you’re a car magazine, the advantages of surviving to a ripe old age are even greater – and there’s none older than us. That’s why, as well as bringing you all the very latest road tests and first drives before anyone else, we can serve up a growing selection of road tests direct from our archive to your computer screens.

We’ve just looked up classic tests on the likes of the Aston Martin DB7 Vantage, the Jaguar E-type V12, the BMW 2002Tii, and the Ferrari Testarossa. In fact, the full list of them now available on is below: there are 118 at the moment, and we’re uploading news ones every week, so keep an eye on this list as it grows.

Now, where are those rose-tinted spectacles?


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Don 2 December 2017

Road Tests

I have registered with the Autocar website how do I find the 80 years of Road Tests



Roderick Ramage 20 May 2017

road test reprints

Like everyone else, I applaud the idea but like it more if you would make is accessible. When you give us a link, I will then hope that you will digitalise the whole of your archive. I'd like it if you kept the present offering free and charged for access to an archive of everything.
ehass40062 23 September 2016


Where's the link?