Dive into our road test archive for a hit of automotive nostalgia
15 February 2008

There are advantages to being old. If you’re a pensioner, you can turf healthy young whipper-snappers out of their seats on public transport. You can get away with stuff more easily: momentary lapses of memory or concentration, dubious personal hygiene and the like. And you get paid £87.30 a week for sitting on your wrinkly posterior, drinking tea and complaining about the weather.

If you’re a car magazine, the advantages of surviving to a ripe old age are even greater – and there’s none older than us. That’s why, as well as bringing you all the very latest road tests and first drives before anyone else, we can serve up a growing selection of road tests direct from our archive to your computer screens.

We’ve just looked up classic tests on the likes of the Aston Martin DB7 Vantage, the Jaguar E-type V12, the BMW 2002Tii, and the Ferrari Testarossa. In fact, the full list of them now available on Autocar.co.uk is below: there are 118 at the moment, and we’re uploading news ones every week, so keep an eye on this list as it grows.

Now, where are those rose-tinted spectacles?


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19 February 2008

Well done - I used to enormously enjoy those annual re-prints of the year's road tests, a fantastic archive now. I was going to suggest you started mining that resource, and now you are. This is a great step forward, into the past, which of course puts todays's amazing new cars into context.

Anyhow it is all part of Autocar's pedigree and needs to be shared. Hooray.


2 June 2011

Ebay has quite a few of those road test yearbooks from the 1950s and 1960s (I know because I've bought loads of them!). To me the tests of ordinary cars are just as interesting as the tests of E-Types and other famous cars from history. Sometimes more interesting.

The shame is that there were no yearbooks before about 1950, so those tests are pretty much lost unless you can afford to buy huge numbers of weekly magazines.

I think Autocar could make a killing by gathering tests from the 1930s and 1940s and publishing them in one volume.

But they'd have to do it properly and reprint them in full, not do edited versions with modernised text. It's the archaic language and expectations that are interesting.

2 June 2011

Great stuff. Brings back memories of sitting in the library as a spotty teenager reading through the roadtest year books ( early 70's ). Things that stick in my mind included :-

Testing a tuned Europa ( was it a GKN Europa or something ? ),

The Zakspeed escort ( 0-60 in 2.5 seconds ! ),

The competition to design a body for the 27litre 6 wheel Merlin engined road car . .

Those were the days . . . Not really road tests, but can you find some of these please ?

Is it both Autocar & Motor that you have archives from ?


24 July 2012

Ok, so where have all these road tests dissappeared to then?

23 December 2012

Does anyone know a link??

18 January 2013

I remember waiting in anticipation for each year's issue.  Those tests and the Motor Show editions were 'must buys'. I still have all my copies - Ah Happy Days!  Your picture of the BMW brings back memories of my 2002.  I recall their advert advised other cars to get out of the way.  Most Politically Incorrect!

11 February 2013

Where is the link to these old tests?


4 July 2013

Fat all use having them findable by Google then registering, logging in and being unable to find this mythical archive.

If they're not there, remove all the guff advertising them!


25 January 2014
Any joy with locating these??

28 January 2014
80 years of the Autocar road test
Dive into our road test archive for a hit of automotive nostalgia.

Great would love to, but where is the link ?????????????????????


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