Currently reading: Volkswagen plots a raft of new SUVs
The German car manufacturer is intent on fully exploiting its MQB platform by introducing new high-riding models in every segment

Volkswagen is planning to launch an SUV in every segment smaller than the Touareg as part of a blitz of new models based on its MQB platform, technical chief Heinz-Jakob Neusser has revealed to Autocar.

Speaking at the Detroit motor show, Neusser revealed that first up would be a new Tiguan next year. This model has been closely previewed by the Cross Coupé GTE concept, which is on show in Detroit.

This would spawn a seven-seat version for North America, a market which would also get a bigger new seven-seat SUV previewed by the CrossBlue concept and confirmed for production in late 2016.

Beyond that, Neusser revealed that studies were underway on a Golf-based SUV, a Polo-based SUV, and potentially a smaller SUV based on the Up, a model previewed by the Taigun concept first seen in 2012.

“It’s a question of how small we go,” said Neusser. “Is it sufficient to go as low as a Polo? Or is there a market to go smaller? We will study it, and it’s up for discussion. The Polo will be the minimum size we go down to.”

Neusser revealed the Golf-based SUV would be around 4.3 metres long. Not all SUVs would be sold in each global market, however, something highlighted by the CrossBlue being limited to North America at first.

Neusser also said that the flexibility of the MQB platform allowed for derivatives of each SUV, allowing potentially sportier versions.

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BriMarsh 25 February 2015

The most miserable indicator of modern design

The most miserable indicator of modern design I have read this month is this story. VAG and SUV, this is how motoring ends.
marj 9 March 2015

BriMarsh wrote:The most

BriMarsh wrote:

The most miserable indicator of modern design I have read this month is this story. VAG and SUV, this is how motoring ends.

True. And for ever new VW SUV there will be a variant with an Estelle, 4 rings and a stylised 'S'. What joy.

fellwalker 12 January 2015

are they usable by all sports?

Have they made any with a boot big enough for a set of golf clubs and an electric trolley? Preferably two sets of each. Probably not, no one seems to read SUV as SPORTS UTILITY vehicle, they only treat it as a tall sometimes 4wd car.