New diesel and petrol models added to the range
15 September 2009

Alfa Romeo has added two brand new Euro V compliant engines to its 159 range.

The new Alfa Romeo 159 1750 TBi takes its name from the classic Alfa Romeo 1750 and it gets a 200bhp direct-injection turbocharged petrol unit. It will be added to both saloon and sportwagon models.

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Alfa Romeo 159 1750 TBi first drive review

The new 16-valve, twin overhead camshaft 1742 cc petrol unit has CO2 emissions of 189g/km and it produces 236lb ft of torque available at 1400rpm.

Performance on the new model is brisk, with it getting from 0-62mph in 7.7secs and topping out at 147mph.

The new common rail diesel unit joining the range is the 170bhp 2.0 JDTm. Its CO2 emissions are 142g/km and it can get from 0-62mph in 8.8secs. Both new engines will join the Brera and Spider ranges later this year.

Two new trim levels have also been added to the 159 range. Turismo Sport models get 17-inch alloy wheels, Fiat’s Blue&Me in-car system, a sports leather steering wheel and sports dials.

Elegante trim adds rear parking sensors, a high visibility pack and a luxury Alfatex leather interior.

Both new models start at £21,800 in the saloon and £22,900 in the sportwagon.

Our Verdict

Alfa Romeo 159

Fleet-friendly Alfa 159 leaves too much to be desired on quality and refinement to rival the best in class

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28 August 2009

It looks ugly with all those lights!

28 August 2009

[quote Topkat]It looks ugly with all those lights![/quote] No doubt it's also an over-priced, under-engineered piece of Italian cr*p too Topkat?!! How can you say this is ugly? So much better looking than the usual 3-series/c-class/A4 lot.

28 August 2009

That's why the 159 is generally regarded as the best looking mid-sized saloon...

At least you can tell what it is!

I think it looks fantastic, with decent performance with the new engines

28 August 2009

[quote Heff_2404]How can you say this is ugly? So much better looking than the usual 3-series/c-class/A4 lot.[/quote]

For the new designs.

C-class - 10/10

A4 - 9/10

3 series - 5/10

159 - 2/10

Too many lights on the Alfa, looks like spider eyes... and the front grill looks like a womans privates looool

28 August 2009

Two decent engines added to the best looking affordable car on sale imho (esp in TI spec). The 2.0T will make the 2.2 obsolete though and drop more in price. Plus the 159 doesn't appear to be falling in value as much as previous Alfas. Maybe the beginning of a turn around... ?

The comments section needs a makeover... how about a forum??

28 August 2009

Alfa's biggest problem at the moment is BMW, who's three series has just been released with equally good performing engines with even better emissions.

Unfortunately, for the business user, who is the predominant buyer of this sort of car, it's a no brainer decision, the BMW will win every time.



It's all about the twisties........

28 August 2009

I was going to say - for brand new engines, the C02 figures are not that special.

28 August 2009

The worlds best looking saloon and estate , with these new engines who could resist . Only an idiot could call it ugly ! If the build quality is as good as my GT it is a winner .

28 August 2009

I'd love to see Alfa return to somewhere near the front of the pack, but this latest technology for them just shows how far behind they really are.

What happened to the lighter weight 159 we were supposed to be getting?

The current 320d is so much better, and the 2010 ED model roadtested by this magazine this week puts the Alfa engineers to shame.

A pretty face with no substance!

28 August 2009

The head would say buy a BMW but buying an Alfa comes from the heart as well, not everyone wants to be BMW driver, no matter how good thier engines are. The exciting thing for me is the 1750 turbo petrol engine, but not in this car, I really hope they will make the MiTo GTA!


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