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New diesel and petrol models added to the range

Alfa Romeo has added two brand new Euro V compliant engines to its 159 range.

The new Alfa Romeo 159 1750 TBi takes its name from the classic Alfa Romeo 1750 and it gets a 200bhp direct-injection turbocharged petrol unit. It will be added to both saloon and sportwagon models.

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The new 16-valve, twin overhead camshaft 1742 cc petrol unit has CO2 emissions of 189g/km and it produces 236lb ft of torque available at 1400rpm.

Performance on the new model is brisk, with it getting from 0-62mph in 7.7secs and topping out at 147mph.

The new common rail diesel unit joining the range is the 170bhp 2.0 JDTm. Its CO2 emissions are 142g/km and it can get from 0-62mph in 8.8secs. Both new engines will join the Brera and Spider ranges later this year.

Two new trim levels have also been added to the 159 range. Turismo Sport models get 17-inch alloy wheels, Fiat’s Blue&Me in-car system, a sports leather steering wheel and sports dials.

Elegante trim adds rear parking sensors, a high visibility pack and a luxury Alfatex leather interior.

Both new models start at £21,800 in the saloon and £22,900 in the sportwagon.

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Bristolbluemanc 22 September 2009

Re: Two new Alfa Romeo 159s

Thank you Mart for your informative comments. I very nearly bought one of these when I bought my most recent car an Audi A4 2.0 TDI. That car has been very reliable although servicing costs at Audi are high. Honest John in his column has pointed to some difficulties with the 1.9 JDT engine. Perhaps the 2.0 engine will be better. Then again there is a new model out next year. I'd be interested in the Brera with the new engine.

Mart_J 3 September 2009

Re: Two new Alfa Romeo 159s

Topkat wrote:
Yeah those Italians have lots of style, just look what they did to Donatella Versace's face. They are as good at plastic surgery as they are at designing cars! ;-)

Children please! Stop your bickering. Firstly, JD Power is a satisfaction survey with elements of reliability (hence why Skoda and Lexus score so well). Which? Is based on poorly advised stats and bought by gullible fools want the free clock. After reading this, I miss my 159 (now replaced by a C220). It was stylish (be quiet TK [I think we just need to add Maxx to your initials to see where you buy your clothes from…]), reasonably fast, effortlessly ate miles and great fun, oh, and immensely reliable. Only twice did it have to go back to the dealer in 3 years for minor problems, unlike my A4 which at one point was back to the dealer nearly every month and left me stranded in a car park and a roadside more than once. It was also well made, and regardless of other posters, the interior was nicely finished and the leather better than most of its competitors. Now with these two class competing engines, it looks set for a rebirth. It is sad that most people will tick the default box and get a 320d or A4 without even looking at the 159. 30 years on and people are still talking like the Guilletta and ‘Sud were around yesterday. Give credit where it’s due please.

Lee23404 1 September 2009

Re: Two new Alfa Romeo 159s

Richard H wrote:

Korean_cars_are_underrated wrote:
What's the latest concerning Alfa reliability?

My experiance of a 147 is that they are no problem and the 159 will be better made than my 147!

Alfa finished very high in the german JD Power survey

The 159 came bottom of its class for reliability in the Which? magazine reliability survey. Don't shoot the messanger please!

I'd still consider one.