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New personal mobility concept from Toyota shown at Tokyo motor show

Toyota has revealed a new take on personal mobility vehicles at the Tokyo motor show with the debut of its new FV2.

Toyota says its designed to demonstrate driving fun. A single-seat urban mobility concept, the FV2 doesn't use a steering wheel, instead relying on the driver shifting their body weight to change direction and effect forward and backwards motion.

It can detect and connect with other vehicles nearby as well as using passive and active safety systems like blind-spot monitoring.

Toyota says the FV2 uses voice and image recognition to determine the mood of the driver and suggest destinations. It also reportedly has the ability to change its exterior colour at will.

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topsecret456987 5 November 2013

Ingenious. Four wheels at

Ingenious. Four wheels at each corner. Nah - that been done! Throw the rule book out of the window and look at what can be done! Truly inspired A small vehicle to transport one person. Look at the traffic jams around the world and motorways full of single occupant motor cars and this really meets the demands of the majority. This works in the real world. Not a scientific analysis - just an observation from my single occupant vehicle as I am driving along watching all the other single occupant vehicles pass by - like 80% if them. Can i have mine with a roof and a heater please. forget the connectivity and changing paint malarky. Imagine just dong 50 mph in one of these - must fell like 500 mph. Thats fun