Why the oddball Hnusp concept car isn't as mad as you think
24 April 2010

This is the Hnusp L-DDC concept car, a bizarre creation that has a single wheel at either end and two in the middle, plus a mid-mounted engine.

Despite looking like two Reliant Robins melded together, the car has been created by Hnusp University to investigate ways of improving side impact safety.

See the Hnusp concept in detail

"By putting the two wheels in the middle we are able to reduce the damage done in a side impact," said a spokesman. "It is not an idea that will ever make production, but more a way of opening discussion."

The car is also designed to showcase fuel-saving technology, and has been tested in the wind tunnel, achieving a drag co-efficient of 0.22cd - the same as BMW's Vision Efficient Dynamics concept.

Its 1.05-litre four-cylinder engine is mounted in the middle of the car, above the two wheels, offering better weight distribution.

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24 April 2010

That's the most ridiculous car I've ever seen in my life, bar none.

24 April 2010

[quote Casanova]That's the most ridiculous car I've ever seen in my life, bar none.[/quote]

I can't beat that.

24 April 2010

It's certainly different...

24 April 2010

Presumably the idea is that a side impact causes it to spin like a top. Would love to see it negotiate a hump back bridge. Daft.

25 April 2010

Not even original, I remember seeing a 'car' in that configuration in a Popular Mechanics when I was a child , the magazines dated around the late 1940's

26 April 2010

[quote Dave Ryan]It's certainly different...

Different yes... How about going for 'Interesting'? 4 wheel steering anyone?

Take no notice... I'm only here for the biscuits

26 April 2010

I think its nice to see a Chinese car that's not a blatant rip-off. It has some value, to stimulate design ideas, but in itself is hideous. If it can provide some inspiration for someone to try something new in car design, the it's done its job.

6 May 2010

Go the The Autocar's back-numbers, early 1960s. There was a two-page spread on exactly the same concept: lozenge-shaped chassis, centrally-mounted engine, steering by the front and rear wheels, and a profile a bit like a contemporary Panhard. I think it came from Czechoslovakia. Original? Different? Don't think so...

6 May 2010

Perfect illustration of the modern trend , which is to build cars which are as safe as possible while you are having an accident , rather than being as safe as possible while you are driving along trying to avoid accidents.

6 May 2010

It's taken over a century but at last somone has taken the 1901 Sunbeam Mabley and developed into the car it always should have been.



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