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Kode 0, with power coming from a mid-mounted V12, is unveiled by the Ferrari Enzo designer

Ken Okuyama, designer of the Ferrari Enzo, has officially revealed a one-off hypercar, named Kode 0, at Pebble Beach.

The Lamborghini Aventador-based car is powered by a 700bhp mid-mounted V12 and is of a carbonfibre monocoque construction, contributing to its 1550kg kerb weight. Okuyama promises 'superb performance and handling'. 

The famed designer revealed the car's full, wedge-like styling on his Facebook page, but the car later made its full debut at the prestigious motoring event. 

From the images, Okuyama's trademark features are clear to see, with swept-back headlights, clean, simple lines and dramatic bodywork with flying buttresses and vents incorporated into the Kode 0’s wide rear haunches. The look of the car is deliberately unlike that of any other on sale today, Okuyama's design house said: "Not bound by brand or regulations, the Kode 0 is the antithesis of modern-day supercar design."

The Kode 0 is the first one-off car that Okuyama’s coachbuilding house has produced and the successor to the five-unit-only Kode 57 hypercar of last year. The Kode 57 will join the Kode 0 at Pebble Beach, where the latter will be revealed at the exclusive Quail event. 

Okuyama’s coachbuilding facility, which holds a staff of 40 people, claims to be the only one in Japan. Its previous projects include the Lotus Elise R-based KO7 Spider of 2010, which had two Tag Heuer Grand Carrera watches incorporated into its dashboard. 

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Lotus F1 22 August 2017

Why oh why?

Aside from the fact that you can see way too much of the base Aventador to justify the price tag, the car also happens to look worse than the original. This isn't a Zagato Aston Martin or a Hyena or an Alfa SZ. This is more like a Mansonry kitted up piece of tat. Then again, nobody said the Ferrari Enzo was pretty. Effective yes but it looked like it hit every branch on the way down when it fell out of the ugly tree. 

eseaton 21 August 2017

Really shocking that Beckwith

Really shocking that Beckwith doesn't seem to realise that it is an Aventador underneath?!

ahaus 21 August 2017

Frankenstein of sports cars

I also see many parts and styling cues copied from other manufacturers. It has a certain 80's/90's throwback look to it. For the most part looks reasonably well integrated and doesn't look too much like a kit car.

There's no way this car could pass pedestrian impact regulations with that front end.