Currently reading: New Duster Oroch concept set for Sao Paulo motor show debut
Rugged-looking pick-up concept showcases new production model destined for South American markets

Dacia will unveil its Dacia Duster Oroch concept, a five-seat pick-up, at the Sao Paulo motor show.

The concept previews a production model that's destined for South American markets, where over 900,000 pick-ups are sold each year.

Parent company Renault had already announced its intention to enter the South American pick-up market with "at least" two models, in order to capitalise on a body style that accounts for nearly 75 per cent of South America's light commercial vehicle segment.

The Dacia Duster Oroch was styled at Renault's design centre in Sao Paulo, and is reputed to take its inspiration from "the world of kitesurfing".

Design features include front-end styling borrowed from the D-Cross concept of 2012, substantial front and rear bumpers that "convey an impression of power", 18-inch wheels, a panoramic sunroof and integrated roof rails.

The rear load bay also packs a specially designed rack system that allows for the storage of several kitesurfing boards, while two side-mounted cameras can be used to capture "special sporting moments."

Dacia also claims that the Oroch has a large, spacious cabin, substantial ground clearance and a host of features including a dashboard-mounted multimedia system. No other technical details have been confirmed.

Laurens van den Acker, senior vice president of the Renault group, said: “While it takes its inspiration from the Dacia Duster, itself a robust vehicle with an assertive personality, our local design team has delivered a fresh interpretation of the model in the form of this show car.”

There are no plans, however, to bring the Oroch in production form to the UK market.

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