First official pics and details of Chrysler's new Sebring-replacing saloon
17 November 2010

This is Chrysler’s new small saloon, the 200, which will be revealed at today's LA motor show.

The 200, in effect a replacement for the unloved Sebring, will be offered with a 2.4-litre four-cylinder engine, mated to either a four-speed or a six-speed automatic transmission, and a 278bhp 3.6-litre V6 with the six-speed auto.

See official pictures of the Chrysler 200 saloon

The new model previews Chrysler’s new ‘face’, which is dominated by a large, multi-slat chrome grille. It also gets revised chassis settings over the Sebring’s, promising a softer ride and improved NVH levels.

Interior upgrades include more soft touch materials and new instrument and centre console designs.

Despite the fact that the Sebring made it to UK showrooms, the 200 is not destined to go on sale here. Chrysler sources say the firm believes that the larger 300C covers the market well enough.

It will reach US showrooms later this year.Read more on the Chrysler 200 saloon

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12 October 2010

Fiat should be very ashamed.

In a world full of me too styling........the rear end is a dead ringer for the Jag XF.

12 October 2010

I think it's better looking than the Sebring (which isn't hard!) but it's still pretty anonymous.

12 October 2010

[quote Dark Isle]I think it's better looking than the Sebring (which isn't hard!) but it's still pretty anonymous.
[/quote] I'm not sure whether it is better, but I would struggle to recognise it if it wouldn't come with that odd C pillar. Look at the grille and the whole new face, it could come from the new Subaru "Mediocrity" ad. The only Chrysler model that could do something with a decent facelift is the 300C, it was a failure to spend time and money on the flawed Sebring.

12 October 2010

I think its pretty nice tbh. More interesting than mondeos and Inisgnias, although they became dull when you saw them on every street corner.

Loving the sort of Jaguarish rear, and looks slightly Saabish from teh front.

If the interior has made significant improvements, then it could be a good vehicle if the price is right.

12 October 2010

[quote fhp11]it could be a good vehicle if the price is right.[/quote]

Buy one, get one free.

12 October 2010

"Chrysler sources say the firm believes that the larger 300C covers the market well enough." The pimp and drug dealer market segment, presumably?

12 October 2010

Now why dont they let the world see what the interior will be like? or are they too ashamed of its quality, like the previous attempts to bare the Chrysler and Dodge logos!

12 October 2010

Now for me the thing that was most wrong about the Sebring was it's fat and odd looking roofline and long overhangs which made it look like it had eaten the whole family sized pizza by itself. Notice how the facelift shows the new front and rear styling but there are no profile shots.

Anyone would think that the profile was it's worst angle which this facelift does nothing to address. Automotive magnolia paint.

12 October 2010

Is it just me or does the front look like a cross between a SAAB and the new Peugeot 508? The rear is a smaller version of the Jag XF's though, which I like.

12 October 2010

thats woeful, just as well its not going on sale in UK & Ireland, it'd never sell. I'm a huge fan of FGA & its products, but this facelift just doesn't work. As said above it does look bit like a SAAB at the front, but sadly it looks like the old facelifted 9-5 which looked like a dogs dinner. Fiat don't do facelifts, they're making a right pigs ear out of them lately!


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