Currently reading: Jaguar C-X17 SUV should reach production, says design boss
Ian Callum thinks Jaguar should put the C-X17 SUV concept into production

A production version of the Jaguar C-X17 crossover SUV concept should be put into production, says the company's design director Ian Callum.

Although not officially confirmed for production, the C-X17's design and packaging "was feasible for manufacturing".

"We don't do concepts that overpromise," said Callum. "It is looking good. Although I can't confirm it for production, my personal view is that we should do it."

Callum has been pleased with reaction to the C-X17 since its reveal at the Frankfurt motor show in September and subsequent launches in shows in Dubai and Los Angeles.

"I had originally planned a speech with a defensive state of mind, saying we do have the right to do a car like this if we follow Jaguar values," said Callum.

"But I didn't need to use it as the world loves it. There has been no real dissenting voice, people are saying now its about time we joined the segment.

"It has been very well accepted. If we do it, it has to be a sports crossover, a driver's car, a performance car. It has to turn heads."

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Harry P 21 November 2013

Nearly there

I love the look of XF Sportbrake but cannot come to terms with a RWD vehicle for my driving circumstances. The C-X17 could tempt me to jump across from Land Rover next time. But somehow the frontal styling of the Concept does not quite seem right. The Jaguar grille just looks too large and flat. Hopefully Callum can refine the styling before its goes in to production and give the car the grace and style that has been achieved with the XF and the F-Type. Agree that it needs to have proper seating for 5 and also hope it has a decent size boot
Ski Kid 21 November 2013

Needs arange of three x1 x3 x5 versions

Agree with Merod a one third two third split should be the norm in a larger car if the rear bench can take it ,otherwise one kid or adult draws the short strawand gets crushed in the middle on a hard base and very hard back due tio poor arm rest design the worlds manufacturers are all mighty dismal at this the Discovery is about the the only main prestige vehicle with separate rear seats mpv style but they do not necessarily need to be individual all the time hence this split
Merod 21 November 2013

Cash waiting

If 4wd, three seats on second row (33.3% split) and seven seats then I've cash waiting.