Currently reading: Citroen C5 Aircross Hybrid Concept makes Paris debut
Electrified SUV concept joins the production C5 Aircross on the Citroen stand

Citroën has showcased the C5 Aircross in both European specification and as a hybrid concept at the Paris motor show

The Citroën C5 Aircross Hybrid Concept is marked out visually from the production C5 Aircross by a custom livery and badging across the exterior and blue flashes across the car’s cabin. 

A production version of the 225bhp, 249lb ft plug-in hybrid concept will go on sale in 2020 and is likely to follow the concept’s powertrain specifications. The front-wheel-drive concept has an electric-only range of 31 miles and can travel at up to 84mph in electric-only mode. 

Citroën claims sub-50g/km CO2 emissions and fuel consumption of 141mpg - 40% better than the combustion-only car's. A regenerative braking system is also employed, boosting efficiency by up to 10%. Citroën claims a charge time of two hours from a 32A wall charger.

Boot space is unchanged from the petrol and diesel versions of the C5 Aircross, with the batteries stowed in the floor under the passenger area, rather than under the boot floor.

As with a raft of other plug-in hybrids currently on the market, the powertrain automatically manages the two motors, or the driver can select between three drive modes: ZEV, Hybrid and Sport, the last of which provides the car’s full reserve of power by combining both power sources. 

In 2019, Citroën will celebrate its centenary, as well as the 70th anniversary of the 2CV. Stands devoted to the brand’s fashion and art cars, as well as its full current range, make up Citroën's display at its home motor show. 

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russ13b 12 September 2018

marketing hype?

you misspelt speed bumps

The Apprentice 12 September 2018

So what happened to the

So what happened to the reported (long ago) 300bhp PHEV powertrain for the DS5/DS7?

Technomad 12 September 2018

Two hats here: as an

Two hats here: as an environmentalist, I detest the 'urban SUV' way of doing things - whenever I'm in Edinburgh or London, I'm astonished at the proportion of vehicles that are in the large SUV class. Although I will grant that driving in either of those cities does counts as off-road by most standards, given the size of the potholes. But not everyone lives in cities or suburbia, and the SUV market gives people like me a broad range of possibilities: Here in rural parts, we rely the ground clearance and 4WD of our SUV very frequently, even without taking it offroad - in winter, those of us with SUVs are able to have a rota to pick up groceries, prescriptions and post and ferry them around to those residents in our area who are stuck. So, horses for courses.

Jeremy 12 September 2018


It looks like you have fallen for the marketing hype - "I live in the country, therefore I NEED an SUV." Which is rubbish, of course. We have driven to the Alps every winter at least once a year for the last 15 years, in 2wd cars with winter tyres and have never even needed to fit chains. Whereas last year our friends in their Volvo XC90 needed chains to get up the same steep snow-covered drive that our Peugeot van managed with ease.

By all means drive an SUV if you want, but don't pretend that a 'normal' car isn't up to the job.