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New 'baby' Buick Excelle to be unveiled at Beijing motor show
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24 April 2010

This the new Buick Excelle, a four-door version of the Vauxhall Astra that will initially go on sale in China and then North America.

Dubbed the 'baby Buick', the car sits on GM's Delta II architecture, which also underpins the Chevrolet Cruze and Volt.

See the Buick Excelle spy pics

The car gets a range of small engines including a pair of turbocharged petrols, a 140bhp 1.4 litre and 180bhp 1.6 litre. A diesel option is also expected to be offered in China.

A GT model has also been mooted; it would get a turbocharged 220bhp 2.0-litre engine.

Buyers will get the option of six-speed manual and automatic gearboxes.

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blowerbentley 15 April 2010

Re: China's Vauxhall Astra spied

Looks smart from the back but the Buick grill is too heavy looking. Wouldn't sell in the UK even as a Vauxhall.

noluddite 15 April 2010

Re: China's Vauxhall Astra spied

I think it looks a whole lot better than the Astra. Much classier. They should offer it here too.

droumsullivan 15 April 2010

Re: China's Vauxhall Astra spied

Hardly a secret, it was given a full press release here about a month ago! Looks like Buick is going to sell GM Europe products and Chevrolet are going to do the Korean brands. You can personally import Opels, but there's heavy import duty, so you don't see many. Crazily I saw an Opel Agila the other day, with tax that probably cost more than a Passat, the most common sedan over here. Why would you do that!