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New engine for Panamera range; full details
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23 April 2010

Porsche has revealed first details of the 3.6-litre V6 engine that will be slotted into the Panamera line-up this June.

The engine produces 296bhp and 296lb ft of torque, and will be available on two and four-wheel drive versions of the car.

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It also offers buyers weight benefits, as it’s 66lb lighter than the eight-cylinder unit in the Panamera S and 4S.

Equipped with the PDK double-clutch gearbox, which comes with start-stop as standard, the two-wheel drive Panamera averages 30.4mpg and 218g/km of CO2, or 29.4mpg and 225g/km on the four-wheel drive car.

Buyers can also spec 19-inch 'all-year' tyres with a lower rolling resistance, which lower CO2 output by 5g/km on both cars.

UK prices will start from £61,461, rising to £66,929 for the Panamera 4.

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38carssofar 19 February 2010

Re: Porsche Panamera V6 revealed

bwdrew wrote:
Wow, who'd have thought it? One can now by a Skoda and a Porsche with essentially the same engine.

Well ... they used to have essentially the same car in the 60s, 70s and 80s

Skoda Rapid

skoda rapid

Porsche 911

porsche 911

ThwartedEfforts 18 February 2010

Re: Porsche Panamera V6 revealed

Isn't the Panamera already the second best-selling Porsche? Ironic that it now features an Audi V6 and the company's life saver, the Touareg Cayenne, is a popular 4x4 with a VW diesel under its nose.

Can't say any of this badge engineering is bad for business though, with Porsche still predicting to sell close to 80,000 of its 'exclusive' cars this year. What a fantastic business to be in: selling the middle class dream.

Harry_Boy 17 February 2010

Re: Porsche Panamera V6 revealed

tommallett wrote:
I've driven a 4S and to be fair it is a cracking piece of kit.
Agree - a superb vehicle. Thoroughly enjoyed my 2 days in one. And yes, I've also driven a Quattroporte, a Conti Flying Spur and the other usual Germans, one of which I own. The Panamera trounces the lot...