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New compact, lightweight Nissan Juke alternative with three-cylinder engine revealed at the Tokyo motor show

This is the Suzuki Crosshiker concept, a compact crossover which was launched at the Tokyo motor show.

It is 3650mm long, 1695mm wide and 1540mm high, and in concept form is powered by a 996cc three-cylinder engine linked to a CVT gearbox. The car weighs 810kg.

The Crosshiker is smaller than a Nissan Juke, but could prove an interesting alternative to both the Juke and the likes of the Skoda Yeti.

Suzuki describes the Crosshiker as being for "adults who can't forget their playful side and the sheer pleasure of being immersed in an artistic essence."

As such, it features a pared-down but functional interior, including a cutaway steering wheel and sculpted seats, and a high level of interactivity, including what Suzuki calls an advanced voice control system.

However, with the car set to make production, these flourishes are likely to make way for less flamboyant materials and looks.

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