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New two-door Hyundai concept previews next-generation Genesis Coupé, but it's unlikely to come to the UK

Hyundai has previewed the look of its upcoming Genesis Coupé with a new concept, dubbed the Vision G, which has made its public debut at the Pebble Beach Concours.

The two-door, four-seat concept, described as “Hyundai’s inspiration for its family of future premium products”, was primarily designed in the US under the guidance of design boss Peter Schreyer. Its styling is described as “understated”, and is based around the idea that “one doesn’t need to shout to be noticed and respected”.

Among the car’s styling highlights are its large front grille, which sports a different design from the one worn by Hyundai’s current range-topping saloon, the Genesis. The sloping rear end features new light cluster designs, while the car’s dual exhausts are incorporated into the rear bumper. Inside, leather and wood trim feature as part of a minimalist design.

Among the new technologies fitted to the car is a system that opens the doors automatically when the driver approaches.

The Vision G Concept Coupé is powered by a 5.0-litre V8 engine with 414bhp and 383lb ft of torque - the same engine that already powers the Genesis saloon in the US.

While Hyundai says elements from the car will be used to inform its future products, the Vision G concept is understood to most closely preview the upcoming Genesis Coupé; the car is even badged 'Genesis' inside and out.

Spotted testing as early as last year, the Genesis Coupé was originally scheduled to be revealed in production-ready form later this year before going on sale in key markets including North America soon after. However, it’s understood that Hyundai is currently evaluating whether to put the concept into production.

If the Genesis Coupé does make production, it’s extremely unlikely to come to the UK - even though the Genesis saloon is offered here.

Speaking at the launch of the concept, Schreyer said: “The design is our interpretation of the idea that Hyundai breathes into all of its vehicles – a DNA that balances design and performance with the idea that you don’t need to be over the top in terms of glitz and stereotypical luxury cues.”

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superstevie 12 August 2015

This looks really good,

This looks really good, although I'm surprised Hyundai/Kia haven't done what Toyota and Nissan did, and create a luxury brand
Overdrive 13 August 2015

superstevie wrote: This looks

superstevie wrote:

This looks really good, although I'm surprised Hyundai/Kia haven't done what Toyota and Nissan did, and create a luxury brand

I read somewhere, some time back, Hyundai were considering setting up 'Genesis' as a premium brand with its own range of models, separate from the rest of the company's Hyundai/Kia volume ranges.

Not sure what became of that idea, but clearly Genesis is now just the name of a model, all be it the luxury/executive model, under the Hyundai badge.

AHA1 12 August 2015


Bentley badges & tail, Audi grille & C pillar, Aston bonnet, Merc CLS glass house and flanks, interior from any number of previous concepts. That said, it looks pretty tasty doesn't it? Given they have form in putting a pretty coupe on the road (one that looked like a mini Ferrari 450GT), bring it on!
fadyady 12 August 2015


Hyundai may not have the brand power of the Aston Martin or Bentley otherwise this should worry them.