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Exclusive studio pics of the Vauxhall Astra GTC set for Paris launch

Vauxhall's has unveiled its rakish GTC concept at the Paris motor show.

The GTC Paris Concept is ostensibly a show car, but is expected to preview the new three-door Astra.

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Vauxhall confirms this saying the design “gives the strongest hint yet to the Astra Sport Hatch’s successor” which is due next year, and the high-performance VXR variant that will arrive at the same time.

The firm has also suggested that the eventual production model will carry the GTC monicker, the first time it will have been used on a Vauxhall.

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Styled under the direction of GM Europe’s British-born design chief, Mark Adams, the GTC concept mixes styling cues from across the firm’s model range.

In particular, the ‘blade’ surfacing on the car’s flanks is reversed from the five-door Astra’s, leading from the front door instead — in a manner used on the Insignia — to create a subtle, integrated side skirt. A second crease runs from the front edge of the door handles to the rear lights.

The front styling cues include a sharp crease down the centre of the bonnet — a feature from Vauxhalls of old, the firm claims — and headlights that sweep back into the front wings.

The rear gets LED tail-lights in a “flying wing” motif and a subtle spoiler at the top of a hatch that has a complex shutline.

The car is 4.46 metres long, around 4cm longer than the five-door — although the prominent, arched roofline and shallow rear glass area disguise this.

While its roof is clearly lower than the five-door Astra’s, Vauxhall claims the car still offers “ample space for five people”.

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A VXR version is due to arrive at the same time as the bread-and-butter models. It’s likely to get a hefty increase in power over the outgoing car — perhaps to as much as 300bhp — and feature an electronic limited-slip differential, similar to the item already fitted to the GTC.

The VXR is likely to be the production model that uses most of the show car’s design flourishes. While the concept’s 21in wheels are likely to reduce in size for the hot three-door, its side window chrome embellishments and LED running lights may stay.

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The concept has a 2.0-litre turbocharged engine with stop-start and a six-speed manual transmission. Its chassis set-up includes an updated version of Vauxhall’s Flexride adaptive damper system, and the same torsion beam rear suspension as the regular Astra.

Despite production-ready looks, the concept is appearing more than a year before the three-door Astra is due on sale in the UK late next year.

John McIlroy

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Buzz Cagney 24 September 2010

Re: Vauxhall Astra GTC concept revealed

Wanos wrote:
How it is going to handle 280-300bhp will be interesting as the current one had trouble with 237. I had it stage 1 tuned to give 270bhp and though very quick the first 2 gears were unusable almost. Though in 4th gear at 80mph it was unbelievable

it couldn't handle the power so you thought you'd give it more? I think i'd like you! lol

And that is a gorgeous looking car. To my eyes, and contradict them if you think it worth the try, its the best looking car in its class. By a good distance at that.

iploss 24 September 2010

Re: Vauxhall Astra GTC concept revealed

Fitting my proposed suggestion for power control, i just read that the model on display at Paris has 21" fitment tyres, which is huge, but would certainly easily handle any power given to them. 286bhp to be exact according to the report. No idea what brand/model version of tyres. Gearbox has a limited slip diff, Hyperstrut suspension from Vectra VXR and Flexride system featuring adaptive dampers,throttle maps and steering settings.

iploss 24 September 2010

Re: Vauxhall Astra GTC concept revealed

They can tame it by giving it extremely sticky and large semi slick tyres. Customers will just have to get used to paying a lot more premium when it comes to tyre renewals.

It would be worth paying for though if your owning a car of this kind. And pointless not too really.

It's what ford should have done rather than giving the RS Focus normal type high performance performance road tyres.