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New three-door hot hatch gets 280bhp and trick suspension; on sale next year

A faster and more powerful Vauxhall Astra GTC VXR will be the flagship of the new three-door hatchback range that’s set to go on sale late next year.

This VXR prototype has been scooped testing at the Nürburgring 14 months before sales start. Its Brembo brakes and big wheels provide clues to its identity.

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Based around General Motors’ Delta II platform, the VXR is expected to benefit from almost a 20 per cent power boost to its 2.0-litre turbo four-cylinder powerplant. The hike will take its peak power close to 280bhp.

That will be more power than the Renault Mégane 250, but not as much as the next-generation Ford Focus RS, which is tipped to have over 300bhp when it goes on sale by the middle of the decade.

It’s understood the GTC VXR will retain the current VXR’s hardcore chassis tune, albeit with a more sophisticated front suspension.

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The front end of the new VXR will feature GM’s HiPerStrut, already employed on the Insignia VXR and more powerful Saab 9-5 models, which features an extra ball joint on the bottom suspension arm to cut torque steer. Renault and Ford employ a similar design on their cars.

The extra power should increase the current VXR’s 152mph top speed and the 0-60mph time should drop below the 6.2sec of today’s car.

Stopping power is expected to improve, too, thanks to the Brembo set-up, which is also standard on the Insignia VXR (and an aftermarket fitment on today’s Astra VXR).

Styling tweaks will include extra chrome and carbonfibre interior trim, new seat designs and materials featuring embroidered VXR logos.

Vauxhall is using the GTC — GT Coupé — name for the first time on one of its cars, bringing it in line with Opel.

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AndyRAC 7 September 2010

Re: New 280bhp Astra VXR scooped

No!! Vauxhall just don't get it.It's hardly original is it.

Now if it was 280BHP through the rear wheels, then possibly. Where is the modern version of the Manta??

moe360 6 September 2010

Re: New 280bhp Astra VXR scooped

Dan McNeil v2 wrote:
moe360 wrote:
Just make it 4WD don't mind if it costs a bit more but will be well worth the extra and will make the car handle and better to drive !
It's a misconception that 4WD makes a car better to drive or handle better. Mostly, it's down to weight distribution, steering and suspension design. Three reasons why big 4WD Audis are dull on the handling side of things. Good cruisers, though.

Dan I should have re-phrased that I mean 4WD will offer better traction and grip and will reduce torque steer, it will also let the car use more of the 280bhp and will put it better on the road using all 4 wheels. Their is no point puting 280bhp in a Astra if it cant put any of it down on the road, the front wheels will be having to do much breaking and steering and putting power down !

I agree why does the world need a 280bhp astra ! they should have at least given it a new name like Pluto, Venus lol

McJohn 6 September 2010

Re: New 280bhp Astra VXR scooped

Does the world really need a 280 bhp Vauxhall hatchback?

Personally, I just don't see the point.