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Jaguar Land Rover's new electric vehicle platform underpins the I-Pace Concept and has enabled designers and engineers to take a fresh approach

With some of the new Jaguar I-Pace Concept’s most interesting features lying beneath its surface, here’s an at-a-glance guide to the technology that makes up the new ‘skateboard’ chassis.

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The I-Pace Concept features a 90kWh battery comprising 36 modules which are enclosed within a structural aluminium housing.

Each module contains the latest lithium-ion pouch cells, which use nickel-cobalt-manganese chemistry. These cells were selected for their combination of high energy density and because they can maintain a higher current for longer, which means that the battery can deliver both driving range and sustained performance. Compared to some other cell types, they also offer considerable future development potential.

The battery pack is positioned as low down as possible and right between the axles, dropping the centre of gravity and enhancing vehicle agility.

Jaguar i pace complete powertrain view1


The car features two efficient, synchronous permanent magnet motors arrange concentrically with a single-speed transmission to make them as compact as possible.

Jaguar’s engineers designed and developed the motors in-house to achieve the compact design, efficiency and power density they desired. The motors have an outer diameter of 234mm, are 500mm long and weigh about 38kg each.

Integrated into the front and rear axles, with the driveshafts passing through the centre of the motors in a space-efficient layout, the two electric motors deliver a total output of 397bhp and 516 lb ft. The torque is on tap immediately as the vehicle pulls way from a standstill.

The two motor set-up also enables the new Jaguar concept with four-wheel drive, and the set-up means effective torque shuffling between the axles is possible, making the car adaptive to varying road conditions.


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Like other hybrid and electric vehicles, the I-Pace features regenerative braking, which slows the vehicle down and recharges the battery in the process. The driver can adjust the level of regenerative braking via a button within the transmission controls on the centre console.

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The control system is fundamental to the I-Pace Concept’s performance and range by ensuring that the battery operates at optimum efficiency under all conditions.

A heat pump is an integral part of this system: by scavenging heat from the outside air to help warm the vehicle’s interior, the heat pump can deliver a double-digit increase in driving range - even in freezing winter conditions, when battery efficiency traditionally  suffers.

The pack is liquid-cooled using a dedicated two-mode cooling circuit. In moderate ambient temperatures the battery improves efficiency by relying only on a radiator to remove the heat generated by the cells.

At higher temperatures the chiller linked to the vehicle’s main air conditioning system provides greater cooling capacity to keep the battery in optimum condition.

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