Currently reading: Eric Clapton displays one-off Ferrari SP12 EC at Goodwood
Exclusive Ferrari 458 Italia-based SP12 EC draws the crowds at the Goodwood Festival of Speed

Singer and guitarist Eric Clapton has brought his exclusive one-off version of the Ferrari 458 Italia, the Ferrari SP12 EC, along to the Goodwood Festival of Speed to star in the Michelin Supercar Run.

The SP12 EC, which reportedly cost Clapton £3 million, was made for him by Ferrari's secretive One-Off Programme, which can make bespoke cars for special clients. Pininfarina was involved in the design work.

Clapton's car was first seen just over a year ago, but Goodwood marks its dynamic debut. He created it as a homage to his favourite Ferrari, the 512 BB, of which he has owned three.

The SP12 EC is mechanically identical to the 458 on which it is based, with the 512 BB-inspired changes coming in the design of the bodywork. The hard points and basic structure of the donor car can't be changed, so Clapton's requests including oval headlights couldn't be implemented hence why Enzo headlights are used.

It uses the same V8 engine as the 458. The name SP12 EC had originally believed to have been a reference to the car having 12 cylinders, like the 512 BB. 

However, once Clapton had been convinced by Ferrari that the 458 would be a suitable base car and not one of its V12 models, the name refers to its sequential number in the amount of commissions the One-Off Programme has had.

The SP12 EC is the 11th, but as Clapton is superstitious and likes the number three, number 11 in the sequence was skipped and it takes the number 12 (one plus two).

Clapton took delivery of the car at the start of last year, but delayed registering it until the 12 plate came in to give him a numberplate that could include the car's name.

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Londonist 17 July 2013

He sings

- but he's no singer. Also:

"The name refers to its sequential number...The SP12 EC is the 11th, but as Clapton is superstitious and likes the number three, number 11 in the sequence was skipped and it takes the number 12 (one plus two)."

If this is true - if it's true, and not as it appears on first and second reading to be a complete piece of nonsense - I would be inclined to say that somebody closely associated with this project has got too much time on his hands.

takumiuk 16 July 2013

Thought this was AutoCar

not Max Power.

£3million quid for a body kitted 458. He could of had an original 512BB for that kinda dough.

Ah to be rich and stoo-pid.

martin_66 13 July 2013


Not exactly a looker, is it?  Hardly surprising that Ferrari want so much money to make one of their cars look so bad.

Proof that money can't buy you taste.